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VIP Weekly Rewards March 2022

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All of March’s weekly rewards are packaged together.

Club VIP Weekly Rewards Mar’22

Club VIP Weeklies 3/4/22
AW Tempo Necklace – sapphire
AW Tempo Necklace – onyx
AW VaBs Jeweled Tears -amethyst
AW VaBs Jeweled Tears – emerald
AW MA08 Cross Earrings – gold
AW MA08 Cross Earrings – silver

Club VIP Weeklies 3/11/22
AW *Shorts & Tank Set – shmrck
AW *Shorts & Tank Set – smoked
AW Sun Visor – fern
AW Sun Visor – smokey
AW Gangsta Cap – emerald
AW VIP Flower Wreath – ivy
AW VIP Flower Wreath – daisy

Club VIP Weeklies 3/18/22
AW *Rockin’ The Blues – smokey
AW *Rockin’ The Blues – fern
AW *Victorian Corset – smokey
AW *Victorian Corset – fern

Club VIP Weeklies – 3/25/22
AW *VaBs-LilSwimmerF-or [SKIN]*
AW *VaBs-LilSwimmerM-or [SKIN]*
AW *Stylin’ Yoga Pants – spring
AW Western Rodeo – sunshine

VIP Weekly Rewards March 2022

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