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August 2019 Update

August brings us another member event – Game of Thrones event hosted by Madame Titzenass. The Event Schedule currently has the regular weekend games listed. If any hosts would like to add games, they should ESPMail Pyewacket.

Turf Contest

The Turf Contest took a vacation in July, but is back for August. RBC posted the following information in the forum about it:

First of all I would like to say thank goodness July has come and gone now maybe things will get back to normal.

Now on to the August Deco Contest.

Lets see the wildest day you had during the month of July. The day where you had the most fun in the sun.
I want to see at least some of the deco built from the ground up.
No pre made turfs
The turf must be a 1 room turf,
Entries must be attached to this posting.
Entries must be submitted no later than August 27th by 12 midnight.

Prizes are;
First place 30 gold
Second place 20 gold
Third place 10 gold

If any one has any questions please esp me (RBC) and I will get back with you asap.
Good luck every one and lets have loads of fun. I can’t wait to see the wonderful deco ideas.

Pan News

August Prize Schedule will be as follows:
Week 1 (Aug 1-6) Acacia Blossom & Copper Miner
Week 2 (Aug 7-12) Ebony Forest & Glistening Glacier
Week 3 (Aug 13-18) Grazing Green & Sapphire Meadows
Week 4 (Aug 19-24) Solar Flare & Smoldering Embers
Week 5 (Aug 25-31) Thornberry & Thundering Storm

Main Prizes are Sleep Caps and Sleeping Pals
Door prizes are Sleeping Masks and Snuggle Blankets

KYMR Prizes

Come visit Ðarksider J and JavaBean at KYMR every Thursday and Saturday at 8pm VZT for tunes, dancing, and laugher. You may also win one of these prizes:

KYMR Greatest Hits – Aug ’19
KYMR Radio Tunes – Aug ’19
KYMR Radio DJ – Aug ’19
KYMR Stratocaster – Aug ’19
KYMR Rock in Peace – Aug ’19

Activity Prize

Ghost Racing, Prize Hunt and Hide and Seek will be offering the following prize in August:

Notable Seating ’19

Host Accessories

Hosts may request any or all of the host accessories. These are available in August:

I’m a Star Host! Aug ’19
The Dragon Host Aug ’19
Dedicated Host Badge Aug ’19
Host Sash Aug ’19
Host Badge Aug ’19
Dedicated Host Hat Aug ’19

Prize Market

Your vouchers can buy these in August:

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art

PM Classic AW And New Art

Shop Specials

Club VIP

The AW Rewards Shop Clerks will get your items for you. The hours that there is a shop clerk on duty are posted on the schedule. Please note only the main avatar on a VIP account can get items from Club VIP

New this month in Club VIP:

AW Lets Play Ball – red
AW Lets Play Ball – pink
AW Lets Play Ball – green

AW *Sexy Bloomers – prpl (DEF)
AW *Sexy Bloomers – teal (DEF)

AW *Stylin’ Yoga Pants – goth
AW *Stylin’ Yoga Pants – sunny

AW *RoughRider Leather – black
AW *RoughRider Leather – blue
AW *RoughRider Leather – red

August 2019 Update

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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