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Candy Cravings Opens in Market Place

A new shop opened in the Market Place. Candy Cravings Sweet Shoppe can be found two locales left, then 2 locales up from Village Apartments.

In this shop you’ll find a huge assortment of confections to satisfy your virtual sweet tooth.

Almost everything is 50T. The exceptions are noted below.

Left side of shop:

Caramel Confection
Marachino Cherry Confection

Buttercreme Confection
Orange Creme Confection
Coconut Creme Confection
Whipped Lemon Creme Confection

Lemon Lime Candy
Butterscotch Candy
Marshmallow Swirl Pops-berry
Marshmallow Swirl Pops-apple
Marshmallow Swirl Pops-orange

Sugar Drops – sweet cherry
Sugar Drops – luscious grape
Chocolate Hazelnut Kisses
Chocolate Drops

On the Cotton Candy Stand:
Cotton Candy – green
Cotton Candy – orange
Cotton Candy – blue
Cotton Candy – pink
Cotton Candy – purple
Cotton Candy – yellow

There is also soft serve ice cream:
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

On the right side:

Box of Chocolate Truffles 75T
Box of Vanilla Truffles (6) 75T
These each contain 6 truffles.

Bag of Jelly Beans

Caramel Apple
Candy Cravings Sweet Shoppe Bag 75T
Lolly Pop Swirls – bubble gum 25T
Lolly Pop Swirls – creamsicle 25T
Lolly Pop Swirls – sour grape 25T
Lolly Pop Swirls – spice 25T
Lolly Pop Swirls – berry 25T

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel
White Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

Polly did a fabulous job setting up this new shop for us.

Candy Cravings Opens In Market Place

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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