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4 years agoopen6

It’s time to up our game! We are working on changes to provide you with extra fun and exciting things to do, buy, and see when an official event is hosted. We have lot’s of secret ideas that will be released in coming months at future events and we are now looking for member ideas and suggestions of what things you would like during an official InWorld event over 2 days.

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  1. Is there an archive of all the events hosted in DS/NH/SK? I think it would be fun to relive some of those old events with updated prizes and maybe a vendo with some of the old prizes. Teddy Bear Picnic is one that comes to mind.

  2. I am sorry that I am not the most creative person and do not have many ideas for you but I can tell you that I am easy to please and anything you guys come up with I am sure will be a blast. I have only been on here again since May but the events are my favorite part! The games and winning the special prizes is what makes it so fun for me. Also cool vendos that support the theme and having clothing options that relate to the event is great so that we can show our support and feel a part of it. I am happy you recognize the allure and know you will do a great job. Thanks Rhiannon

  3. I loved to play and host the games. I would like to see the colors for events being offered for sale in the paint shop. It was fun to see everyone get dressed in the same colors during the events!

    1. I agree MissyMegan!! I miss that part of the events. So far we’ve had themes and people have dressed up for the contest or for the theme, but there were certain colors that went with the event. I was planning on hosting an event this way with a paint or color code to go with the prizes.

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