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Mega Store Color Rotation

4 years agoreviewed2

I’ve wanted to redecorate my homes and make each one special in its own way but with cost of merchandise in the Mega Store and the selection of colors being limited I’ve decided to postpone it. I’m hoping that color rotation (at least every 3 months or so) would be reconsidered. If you agree, please click the thumbs up button and join the rainbow movement in vzones.

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  1. I am not sure how anyone can afford to redo their home with the prices of items in this store. A bed equaling an entire months worth of tokens? I have yet to decorate my TH just for the simple fact that I cannot afford it with those prices. I am curious to see how many items are sold there monthly as opposed to lowering the price a tad. With the increased sales you will make up for the difference in pricing.

    Also I have not been here long but wondering if the styles and items have been updated in awhile. Everything seems really outdated. I get that there is an appeal for nostalgia but a few more modern/contemporary options would be nice as well. Love what you did with the kitchen builds.

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