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10 months agoopen3

Can we please get more teleporters inworld?
1) Game Dome
2) Somewhere by the AW homes (Kelsey?)
3) Bring back the Friendship Rd Teleporter

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  1. I think the issue with this is you can only add X amount of locales to teleporters (10 i think?). So to add these, they would have to remove some of the existing ones.

  2. They could have a stacking system, where certain teleporters only go to certain other teleporters. It may take 2 to get where you’re going, but at least you’d get there.

    I’m perpetually lost. I cannot use my VIP home because I can’t find it. And if I found it, I wouldn’t make it back out. The loss of the Friendship Rd. Teleporter has definitely affected the quality of my IW time.

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