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June 2019 Update

It’s June! Summer is almost here in the northern hemisphere. The month started on a very high note with the Greatest Showman event hosted by Madame Titzenass. Here are the updates for the rest of the month.

Turf Contest

We had a great turnout for the Turf Contest for May. It is always a difficult job to pick the winners. Here are the ones chosen:

1st Coco Cabana

2nd Maija

3rd Ele

WTG to you all and thanks to all who entered. The June contest is underway now. You can read about it in the forum. If you have any questions, RBC will be happy to answer them for you.

Pan Prizes

The Pans have these gifts for their players in June:

From left to right, the prizes will be available from: Acacia Blossom Pan, Ebony Forest Pan, Glistening Glacier Pan, Grazing Green Pan, Smoldering Ember Pan, Thundering Storm Pan, Thornberry Pan and Sapphire Meadows Pan. 

KYMR Prizes

Along with the tunes and fun Ðarksider J and JavaBean provide, you may also win these prizes:

KYMR Greatest Hits – Jun ’19
KYMR Radio Tunes – Jun ’19
KYMR Radio DJ – Jun ’19
KYMR Stratocaster – Jun ’19
KYMR Rock in Peace – Jun ’19

Activity Prize

Ghost Racing, Prize Hunt and Hide and Seek will be offering the following prize in April:

VZ Sky Watch ’19

Host Accessories

Hosts may request any or all of the host accessories. These are available in April:

I’m a Star Host! June ’19
The Dragon Host June ’19
Dedicated Host Badge June ’19
Host Sash June ’19
Name: Host Badge June ’19
Dedicated Host Hat June ’19

Prize Market

Your vouchers can buy these in June.

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art

PM Classic AW And New Art

Shop Specials

PM Event Prizes

Club VIP

Club VIP has added some new art to the available selections. VIP members can choose 2 AW items a month from here along with the monthly chest and fuzzie. Please note only the main avatar on a VIP account can get items from Club VIP

The AW Rewards Shop Clerks will get your items for you. The hours that there is a shop clerk on duty are posted on the schedule.

Summer Solstice

We have some fun planned for Midsummer. Keep watching for details.

June 2019 Update

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