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LapinFou & Buck Wild Wedding

Aka/Winona and Samuel
Submitted by LapinFou

We would like to thank Oracle Cirrus for performing our ceremony, Dan for
all his hard work decorating and baking for our celebration party.
HeartBeat and Laesea for being there for us and standing in for us as Maid
of Honor and Best (Wo)Man. Thank you to everyone who was able to come join
us to celebrate our inworld marriage and for the gifts we received although
none was necessary!

: Entering Locale: Beach Wedding
: Mon Jan 21 21:01:15 2019

Oracle Cirrus: Ok are we ready?
Buck Wild: yes
LapinFou: I believe so
: Avatars: Laesea, HeartBeat, LapinFou, Buck Wild, Oracle Cirrus. Ghosts: Oracle Vaserius, Dia, L’AD, Coal, Dan, Polly, Kamryn.

Oracle Cirrus: We are gathered here to celebrate
the matrimony of two very special people.
Samuel & Winona have decided
to join their hearts as one and enrich
each other’s lives in marriage.

Each coming from different parts
of the world and now they will marry
here in our beloved Kymer.

I will now ask them to turn to each other
and share words of love.
Samuel, would you please look at Winona
and tell her how much she means to you.

Buck Wild: She means the world to me.
I see myself with no one else. She brings me so much joy that I’m sad when I upset her.
I want to give her the best future I can.
I wish her to have the many joys she gives to me.
To smile at just the thought of waking next to one another
She is my whole my everything and my one and only.
Winona I love you so very much.
That only through time I can show you. I’m yours forever an always.

Oracle Cirrus: Winona, would you please look at Samuel
and tell him how much he means to you.

LapinFou: Today as I become your wife in this world, I reflect back on the past three years.
In the beginning, there were many obstacles that made things difficult for us. We overcame each and every one of them and that has allowed us to become closer and grow stronger as a couple.
To say we have a perfect relationship would be a lie, however, we have adapted and learned how to maintain it to make it perfect for us.
I love you with every fiber in my body. I see your smile and it warms my heart.
You make me feel safe when you wrap me in your arms. You make me laugh more than I can remember in all of my life. You calm me in ways that only you can.
You are my present and my future. Forever and Always, I will love you.

Oracle Cirrus: Thank you for sharing those words
of love with each other.

I wish you both the forever kind of Love.
The Love that is good and honest.
The Love that is pure and clean.
The Love that cherishes and treasures.
The Love that has respect and commitment.
The Love that gives everlasting peace and harmony.

Samuel, will you take Winona
as your wife?
To love,
and respect?
For good times
along with bad times?
As long as you both shall live?

Buck Wild: i do
Oracle Cirrus: Samuel, please hand Winona the wedding ring.

Oracle Cirrus: Winona, will you take Samuel
as your husband?
To love,
cherish and respect?
For the good times
along with bad times?
As long as you both shall live?

LapinFou: I do
Oracle Cirrus: Winona, please hand Samuel the wedding ring.
Like the morning sun first brightens each day
and the evening stars sparkle into the night.
When the rain nurtures our earth
and the winds carve out new paths,
and the honey bee flies from flower to flower.

May you both experience
the wonderment of life.
The new beginnings,
the sparkle
and the nourishment of love.
May you work hard like the honey bee
to bring health and happiness
to each other.
May you live in peace.

Oracle Cirrus: By the powers given to me
from the Oracles and Gods of Kymer,
I will now proudly announce you,
Samuel and Winona, husband and wife.
You may now join in a kiss
and venture into your new lives
together, as one.

LapinFou: kissssses
Buck Wild: kisses
Oracle Cirrus: Please join Samuel and Winona
in celebrating their wedding at the
Mountain Temple Garden.

HeartBeat: Congrats to the Happy Couple!
Oracle Cirrus: The Lighthouse here in the background
is a pass through door to get there.
Go in peace.

Laesea: congrats to lap and sam
Kizza: Congratulations
LapinFou: thank you
Buck Wild: thank you very much
Buck Wild: think i did it wrong she is crying
LapinFou: lol shut up
Laesea: aww
Oracle Cirrus: let us pose for a screenshot
HeartBeat: no you did it right
Oracle Cirrus: perfect!
HeartBeat: Congrats you two
Oracle Cirrus: We shall post this wonderful unity all over Kymer.
Oracle Cirrus: go in Peace
HeartBeat: FIrst Wedding In Vzone
Buck Wild: yeah
LapinFou: thank you Oracle Cirrus
HeartBeat: Thank you Cirrus!
Buck Wild: first in general
Laesea: yay throws confetti
LapinFou: join us in the celebration through the lighthouse
: Mon Jan 21 21:14:32 2019

LapinFou & Buck Wild Wedding

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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