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Little Red Riding Hood and the Not So Very Big Bad Wolf

Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood went skipping through the woods carrying a Basket of Tasty Goodies for her Grandma, blissfully unaware that a Wolf was watching her closely - and the Basket of Tasty Goodies even more closely.


As she skipped along, a rustling in the bushes beside the path made her stop dead in her tracks. And what did she see but a Wolf, and a Not So Very Big Wolf at that. Now, she had been warned about Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, but this Wolf was wearing a comfy brushed cotton nightgown and matching sleeping cap! Surely there could be nothing to fear from a Wolf in Sleep Clothing.


However, dusk was fast approaching, and there was no time to lose if she was to arrive before nightfall, so she resisted the urge to chat and hurried through the lengthening shadows of the winding path until she arrived at her Grandma's stone cottage in the clearing.


After greeting the Door Cat, she went upstairs where she knew her Grandma was resting in bed, but when she entered the bedroom she thought there was something very strange - yet oddly familiar - about the figure beneath the covers.


And with that, the Wolf sprang out of bed, but Red Riding Hood was too quick for him. She hurled the Basket of Tasty Goodies as hard as she could and caught him square on the nose with it, and while he was howling in pain, she fled to the next room in the Cottage, where she encountered a Talking Carnival Balloon.


Little Red Riding Hood knew it was not a Sensible Thing to talk to Strange Balloons (or even familiar ones) but the subsiding wails of the Wolf in the next room convinced her to trust the Talking Carnival Balloon and do as he said. And he was as good as his word, for when she grabbed hold of his string, a Magic Portal opened and she was whirled off to safety.


As for the Wolf, he found delectable solace in the delicious Roast Goose and fine Bottle of Burgundy that had so fortunately survived the Flight of the Basket of Tasty Goodies.


The End

Seen below taking their bows are Marianne G in the role of Little Red Riding Hood and Curious the Bunny as the Not So Very Big Bad Wolf. Additional thanks go out to our director Penny Deer in her cameo as the Talking Carnival Balloon.

Little Red Riding Hood And The Not So Very Big Bad Wolf

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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