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Turf Deco Contest Winners

Story submitted by Tigerlily

Winners Announced in Turf Decorating Contest!

The winners of the VIP Townhouse Turf Decorating Contest were announced on Wednesday, August 1st.  Congratulations, winners!  Members had a few weeks in July to get their turfs decorated, once they received their Townhouses. These entries were really hard to judge, because there were so many great submissions of various looks and styles!  Years of pent up turf deco energy all poured out in a few weeks.  If yours didn’t make the cut, do not despair.  Just keep deco’ing!  Your home is now all decorated nicely… and there will be more contests to come.

Townhouse Design Competition Prizes:
1st place prize: 10V & limited edition fuzzie – 1st – Interior Designer, Aug’18
2nd place prize: 5V & limited edition chest – 2nd – Contractor’s Bag, Aug’18
3rd place prize: 3V & limited edition bear – 3rd -Turf Builder Bear, Aug’18

A message from Chime: After many hours of deliberation, the Judges finally came up with the winners! Thank you so much everyone for all your beautiful submissions!
Hugs & Thank you all

Front Room Winners:

1st – Kamryn

2nd – Heartbeat

3rd – Dia

Kitchen Winners:
1st – Laesea

2nd – Essence

3rd – Tangerine

Bedroom Winners:
1st – Racquel

2nd – Lil Bit

3rd – Golden Brat

Garden Winners:
1st – Sly

2nd – Cou

3rd – Tigerlily

The contest has inspired this author to start the long awaited Turf Decorating Club, henceforth known as TDC.  First order of business is Turf Tours.  I can’t wait to visit all the lovely townhouses and see how unique each one is!

Next up, how about the TDC hosting another Turf Decorating Contest open to all members?  Great idea?  I thought so too!  Happy Vzoning… and Keep on Deco’ing!

hugs, Tigs

Turf Deco Contest Winners

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