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New in VARiATiONS – April 26, 2021

VARiATiONS 2 – 605 will outfit you for fun in the sun. Just ducky isn’t it. 😉 The Springtime Crop Tops are this week’s new art

VARiATiONS 2 – 605

6 Gold
AW *Springtime Crop Top – black
AW *Springtime Crop Top – blue
AW *Springtime Crop Top-yellow
AW *Springtime Crop Top – mauve
AW *Springtime Crop Top-gld/blk

6000 Tokens
AW *Springtime Crop Top – steel
AW *Springtime Crop Top – pink
AW *Springtime Crop Top-gld/red
AW *Springtime Crop Top – cream
AW *Springtime Crop Top – aqua

5 Gold
AW Striped Bikini – olive
AW Striped Bikini – aqua
AW Striped Bikini – orange

5000 Tokens
AW Striped Bikini – salmon
AW Striped Bikini – sage
AW Striped Bikini – orchid

3 Gold
AW *Crop Top[SKIN]*-gold
AW *Crop Top[SKIN]*-red
AW *Crop Top[SKIN]*-blue
AW *Crop Top[SKIN]*-pink

3000 Tokens
AW *Crop Top[SKIN]*-black
AW *Crop Top[SKIN]*-yellow
AW *Crop Top[SKIN]*-white
AW *Crop Top[SKIN]*-orange

5 Gold
AW *Ruffled Bikini[SKIN]*-white
AW *Ruffled Bikini[SKIN]*-pink
AW *Ruffled Bikini[SKIN]*-red

5000 Tokens
AW *Ruffled Bikini[SKIN]*-blue
AW *Ruffled Bikini[SKIN]*-yello
AW *Ruffled Bikini[SKIN]*-gold

5 Gold
AW *Summer Heat[SKIN]*-black
AW *Summer Heat[SKIN]*-blue
AW *Summer Heat[SKIN]*-red

5000 Tokens
AW *Summer Heat[SKIN]*-olive
AW *Summer Heat[SKIN]*-silver
AW *Summer Heat[SKIN]*-orchid

3 Gold
AW *Sm Duck Floatie – red
AW *Sm Duck Floatie – blue
AW *Sm Duck Floatie – black

3000 Tokens
AW *Sm Duck Floatie – aqua
AW *Sm Duck Floatie – pink
AW *Sm Duck Floatie – orchid

3 Gold
AW *Lg Duck Floatie – aqua
AW *Lg Duck Floatie – pink
AW *Lg Duck Floatie – orchid

3000 Tokens
AW *Lg Duck Floatie – black
AW *Lg Duck Floatie – red
AW *Lg Duck Floatie – blue

350 Tokens
*Long Sleeved Vest – olive
*Long Sleeved Vest – aqua
*Long Sleeved Vest – orange
*Long Sleeved Vest – salmon
*Long Sleeved Vest – sage
*Long Sleeved Vest – orchid
*Long Sleeved Vest – white
*Long Sleeved Vest – pink
*Long Sleeved Vest – red
*Long Sleeved Vest – blue
*Long Sleeved Vest – yellow
*Long Sleeved Vest – gold

200 Tokens
Beach Bag – gold
Beach Bag – orchid
Beach Bag – aqua
Beach Bag – black
Beach Bag – red
Beach Bag – olive
Beach Bag – salmon
Beach Bag – white
Beach Bag – deep red
Beach Bag – blue

Happy Shopping

New In VARiATiONS – April 26, 2021

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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