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New in VARiATiONS – February 1, 2021

A new month, a new floor in VARiATiONS.

VARiATiONS 2 – West Hall 5

3 Gold
AW VaBs Mesh Hat – purple
AW VaBs Mesh Hat – white
AW VaBs Mesh Hat – brown
AW VaBs Mesh Hat – red

3000 Tokens
AW VaBs Mesh Hat – green
AW VaBs Mesh Hat – gold
AW VaBs Mesh Hat – black
AW VaBs Mesh Hat – blue

4000 Tokens
AW DD Diva Hat – purple
AW DD Diva Hat – olive
AW DD Diva Hat – red
AW DD Diva Hat – black

4 Gold
AW DD Diva Hat – blue
AW DD Diva Hat – yellow
AW DD Diva Hat – fuschia
AW DD Diva Hat – sage

VARiATiONS 2 – 501

The Gentleman’s Corset is new art

6 Gold
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-blk/oliv
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-yellow
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-red
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-brown
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-purple

6000 Tokens
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-aqua
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-black
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-white
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-cream
AW *Gentleman’s Corset-blue

6 Gold
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-bk
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-pu
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-re
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-bl
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-pi

6000 Tokens
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-wh
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-gd
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-ol
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-aq
AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-sl

4 Gold
AW DD lil Diva Dress – brown
AW DD lil Diva Dress – aqua
AW DD lil Diva Dress – purple
AW DD lil Diva Dress – olive
AW DD lil Diva Dress – pink

4000 Tokens
AW DD lil Diva Dress – sage
AW DD lil Diva Dress – orange
AW DD lil Diva Dress – gold
AW DD lil Diva Dress – blue
AW DD lil Diva Dress – red

5 Gold
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt – ylw
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt – oliv
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt -black
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt – blue

5000 Tokens
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt – pink
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt – brow
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt – fusc
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt – red

5 Gold
AW *Sexy Striped Corset – aqua
AW *Sexy Striped Corset – black
AW *Sexy Striped Corset – white
AW *Sexy Striped Corset -cream
AW *Sexy Striped Corset – blue

5000 Tokens
AW *Sexy Striped Corset – red
AW *Sexy Striped Corset – olive
AW *Sexy Striped Corset – ylw
AW *Sexy Striped Corset – pur
AW *Sexy Striped Corset – brn

VARiATiONS 2 – East Hall 5

4 Gold
AW Leopard Pillbox Hat-orange
AW Leopard Pillbox Hat-olive
AW Leopard Pillbox Hat-blue
AW Leopard Pillbox Hat-red

4000 Tokens
AW Leopard Pillbox Hat-brown
AW Leopard Pillbox Hat-gold
AW Leopard Pillbox Hat-grey
AW Leopard Pillbox Hat-purple

2 Gold
AW DD Mui Hairflower-pink
AW DD Mui Hairflower-gold
AW DD Mui Hairflower-purple
AW DD Mui Hairflower-grey
AW DD Mui Hairflower-sage
AW DD Mui Hairflower-purkle
AW DD Mui Hairflower-yellow

2000 Tokens
AW DD Mui Hairflower-orange
AW DD Mui Hairflower-blue
AW DD Mui Hairflower-black
AW DD Mui Hairflower-red
AW DD Mui Hairflower-denim
AW DD Mui Hairflower-olive
AW DD Mui Hairflower-brown

4 Gold
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-demi
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-oliv
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-purp
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-ylw
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-crm
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-blk

4000 Tokens
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-aqua
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-gold
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-red
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-wht
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-purk
AW Feminine Flowery Clutch-sky

125 Tokens
Bows & Ribbons – olive
Bows & Ribbons – white
Bows & Ribbons – sage
Bows & Ribbons – cream
Bows & Ribbons – aqua
Bows & Ribbons – blue
Bows & Ribbons – orange
Bows & Ribbons – purkle
Bows & Ribbons – black

450 Tokens
Dainty Daisy Hat – yellow
Dainty Daisy Hat – blue
Dainty Daisy Hat – grey
Dainty Daisy Hat – red
Dainty Daisy Hat – olive
Dainty Daisy Hat – sage
Dainty Daisy Hat – purple
Dainty Daisy Hat – black

Happy Shopping!

New In VARiATiONS – February 1, 2021

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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