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New in VARiATiONS – July 19, 2021

More summer fashions are here in VARiATiONS 2 – 705 including a selection of accessories to fit anyone’s budget. The Tiny Girl’s Shorts are new art this week.

VARiATiONS 2 – 705

6 Gold
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-grey
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-purp
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-wht
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-red
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-oliv

6000 Tokens
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-lime
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-blue
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-crm
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-blk
AW *Tiny Girl’s Shorts Set-pink

375 Tokens
*Men’s Spring Weave – green
*Men’s Spring Weave – purple
*Men’s Spring Weave – black
*Men’s Spring Weave – mauve
*Men’s Spring Weave – maroon
*Men’s Spring Weave – blue

5 Gold
AW Silk Florals – gold
AW Silk Florals – aqua
AW Silk Florals – black/red
AW Silk Florals – blue

5000 Tokens
AW Silk Florals – mauve
AW Silk Florals – pink
AW Silk Florals – black/grey
AW Silk Florals – white

5 Gold
AW *Lacy Print Dress-mau[SKIN]*
AW *Lacy Print Dress-wht[SKIN]*
AW *Lacy Print Dress-pnk[SKIN]*
AW *Lacy Print Dress-fie[SKIN]*
AW *Lacy Print Dress-red[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW *Lacy Print Dress-aqu[SKIN]*
AW *Lacy Print Dress-blu[SKIN]*
AW *Lacy Print Dress-oli[SKIN]*
AW *Lacy Print Dress-lim[SKIN]*
AW *Lacy Print Dress-blk[SKIN]*

125 Tokens
Bows & Ribbons – citrus
Bows & Ribbons – golden
Bows & Ribbons – light blue
Bows & Ribbons – maroon
Bows & Ribbons – grey
Bows & Ribbons – fuschia
Bows & Ribbons – mauve
Bows & Ribbons – purple
Bows & Ribbons – fiery

5 Gold
AW *Floral Sarong – olive
AW *Floral Sarong – gold
AW *Floral Sarong – black/red
AW *Floral Sarong – lime

5000 Tokens
AW *Floral Sarong – black/pink
AW *Floral Sarong – maroon
AW *Floral Sarong – fiery
AW *Floral Sarong – blue

100 Tokens
EZ Fashion Shades – red
EZ Fashion Shades – lapis
EZ Fashion Shades – aqua
EZ Fashion Shades – fiery
EZ Fashion Shades – white
EZ Fashion Shades – orchid
EZ Fashion Shades – silver
EZ Fashion Shades – olive

Happy Shopping

New In VARiATiONS – July 19, 2021

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

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