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Still More Changes in the Prize Market

Chime has been very busy in the Prize Market lately. She’s changed out a number of items in the Voucher Redemptions 15 – 60 locale.

Here is what is there now:

Earrings ’18, Price: 30 V
Fishpole ’18, Price: 30 V
Chico ’18, Price: 35 V
Satin Fox ’18, Price: 25 V
Hand Mirror ’18, Price: 20 V
August Gremlin ’18, Price: 15 V
Rainbow, Price: 25 V
August Prize Fuzzie ’18, Price: 25 V
Three Month’s Free Rent, Price: 50 V

The following items were removed:
Cat Tail
Rainbow Chest
Gimme a Light

Happy redeeming!

Still More Changes In The Prize Market

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

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