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November @ VZones

The Halloween locales will be closing on November 5th, but preparations are underway behind the scenes for a magical Christmas celebration. Until then, we’ve got some exciting things for you this month.

VIP Townhouses Halloween Deco Contest

Here are the winners chosen for the VIP Townhouses Halloween Deco Contest.

1st Place – SifuJJ & Veni 30 AW GOLD split and gold trophies. 147 & 148 Lakeside Blvd

2nd place – Lambchop and KittFire 20 AW GOLD split and silver trophies. 131 & 132 Trinity Lane

3rd Place – Lil Worm & Eleonora Schnatterschnabel 10 AW GOLD split and bronze trophies. 219 & 220 Lakeside Blvd N.

Honorable Mention:
AmaltheaVampyre – participation trophy 157 Trinity Lane

Rodeo Bad Chick – participation trophy 178 Trinity Lane

Decorations can remain up until Nov 5th if anyone would like to view.

Polly says: “Congratulations to everyone involved. You all did so well 🙂
Please see me (Polly) in world to receive the gold on your avatars.”

Monthly Update

Prize Market

Instead of just updating the monthly fuzzie and gremlin, the entire Prize Maket has been updated, including a new room which contains the event prizes from the Halloween Event. The event prizes will be available to purchase with vouchers until December 1st.

VIP Lounge

The Chest and Fuzzie in the VIP Lounge have been updated for November. The VIP Gifts will be added later in the month.

VIP Steamer – Nov ’18
VIP Green Bean – Nov ’18

Radio Prizes

The Radio Prizes also have new colors for November.

November Happenings

Guy Fawkes Day

Look for locales for Bonfire Night.

Remembrance/Veteran’s Day

You can get a Remembrance Day Poppy to wear. They are located at Temple St. Terrace Entrance and Village Apartments.

WorldsAway New Year

We will be celebrating WorldsAway New Year on Thursday November 15th. All games that day will earn double vouchers and we’ll have a special gift for hosts. Any hosts who would like to fill the open slots on this day, please ESP mail Pyewacket.

Along with this one day midweek event we have a surprise planned for you. Watch for more details.


We will celebrate Thankgiving with special locales and a hunt on Thursday and Friday. (November 22nd & 23rd)

November @ VZones

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

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