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Mid-September ‘20 News

The signs of Autumn are appearing inworld. The leaves are changing, and Summer is almost over. With the Summer doldrums passing, we have some new and exciting happenings inworld.

Beta Testing

We have a VZones client update in the works. If you would like to test it out before it is released, you can download it at

Public Auction

Auctions are returning with a twist. Nodnarb and Suzie will be hosting a monthly auction in Temple Street turf Auction House. The first auction will be held Wednesday September 16th at 9pm vzt. Public viewing will be at 8pm vzt.

If you have items you would like to auction, contact Nodnarb. You will receive 90% of the selling price.

Suzie and Nodnarb

New Room in Club VIP

There is a new self serve room in Club VIP. This room currently has 10 items and VIP members can get one of each. The selections will change weekly, so be sure to visit often. The number and type of items will vary each week and the new selections will be available on Fridays.

These are the current selections.
Make sure your hand is empty and click on the item to get it.

Inworld Happenings

Snoopy and Sylvester Cat were left alone to guard the Rose Ave BBQ. Apparently they did a good job as Pop Tart, Petallypoo, Smokie, and The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone returned to enjoy the repast with them.

Have a Story to Tell?

Or a screenshot to share? We would love to include you stories here in the Kymer Observer. You will get credit for the story and earn tokens, gold, or even $ for exceptional stories.

Articles can be submitted at:

Mid-September ‘20 News

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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