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October 2019 Update

October is here and the leaves are turning, a beautiful sight indeed. We have a lot of fun in store this month. Halloween is coming and we will be having a staff Halloween Event the weekend of October 26 & 27. Along with the games there will be a maze and a quest. More Halloween details will be coming soon.

VZones Raffle

Join in the fun every Sunday at 9pm VZT with the Raffle Team: Lottery, beannie, Loveternal and Kizza. Stay after the prize draw for the lottery drawing.

Here are the prizes for this month:

Gold – 4 Vouchers
Silver – 3 Vouchers
Bronze – 2 Vouchers
VZ Raffle Bird – Oct. 2019
VARiATiON’s Chip – Any 1 Item
VZ Raffle Fuzzie – Oct. 2019
*VZ Raffle Sash – Oct. 2019

Pan News

October Prize Schedule will be as follows:
Week 1 (Oct 1-6) Acacia Blossom & Copper Miner
Week 2 (Oct 7-12) Ebony Forest & Glistening Glacier
Week 3 (Oct 13-18) Grazing Green & Sapphire Meadows
Week 4 (Oct 19-24) Solar Flare & Smoldering Embers
Week 5 (Oct 25-31) Thornberry & Thundering Storm

Main Prizes are Eerie Halos and Howlers
Door prizes are Wicked Bows and Spooky Lanterns

KYMR Prizes

Come visit Ðarksider J and JavaBean at KYMR every Thursday and Saturday at 8pm VZT for tunes, dancing, and laugher. You may also win one of these prizes:

KYMR Greatest Hits – Sept ’19
KYMR Radio Tunes – Sept ’19
KYMR Radio DJ – Sept ’19
KYMR Stratocaster – Sept ’19
KYMR Rock in Peace – Sept ’19

Activity Prize

Ghost Racing, Prize Hunt and Hide and Seek will be offering the following prize in September:

A Bad Case Of Pink Eye? ’19

Host Accessories

Hosts may request any or all of the host accessories. These are available in October:

I’m a Star Host! Oct ’19
The Dragon Host Oct ’19
Dedicated Host Badge Oct ’19
Host Sash Oct ’19
Host Badge Oct ’19
Dedicated Host Hat Oct ’19

Prize Market

Your vouchers can buy these in October.

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art

PM Classic AW And New Art

PM Shop Specials

PM Wedding Items

Club VIP

The AW Rewards Shop Clerks will get your items for you. The hours that there is a shop clerk on duty are posted on the schedule outside Club VIP. Please note only the main avatar on a VIP account can get items from Club VIP.

New this month in Club VIP:

VIP Little Goblin – October’19
VIP Spooky Locker – October’19

Club VIP Small Wear OCT

AW *Tea Party Dress – fall
AW *Tea Party Dress – neon
AW *Tea Party Dress – pinky

Club VIP AW Womens October

AW *Business Chic – pinkish
AW *Business Chic – festive
AW *Business Chic – autumn

Club VIP Men’s October

AW *Formal Tux – black
AW *Formal Tux – ash
AW *Formal Tux – flashy

October 2019 Update

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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