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Rocky Horror Event Dress Up Contest

This weekend (February 23 & 24, 2019) we are enjoying The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event hosted by Madame Titzenass. The first of two Dress up contests was held Saturday at 3PM at Harlequin Games Entrance. Everyone did a great job and it was as much fun to watch as to participate. Madame Titzenass hosted the contest with Kizza acting as her ‘Vanna’ handing out the participation prizes.

We do not envy the judges since there were so many excellent entries, but here are the winners they picked:

1st – Floaty McFloatface
2nd – Honor
3rd – Essence
4th – crazy~lil~noodle

Congratulations to you all! After the contest the contestants gathered for a group picture:

Sunday’s contest was every bit as fun and entertaining as Saturday’s. The judges had another difficult job choosing, and here are the results:

1st – Buddy
2nd – Countess Mina
3rd – Érè
4th – nodnarb

WTG to you all!

Everyone who entered did such a fabulous job. After the contest most stayed to congratulate the winners and pose for a group photo.

Please thank Madame Titzenass for hosting such a successful event. We look forward to The Greatest Showman Event to be hosted by Madame Titzenass in June.

Rocky Horror Event Dress Up Contest

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