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SV Hotel Reopens

Yesterday the Siicon Valley Hotel reopened, well part of it did. Currently when you pass through the door from the street, you enter Alley Vista. Passing through the door gets you to the Alley, and from there you pass through the door to The Open Mic. We’ve been told that there will be more, including rooms to rent. (Hmmmm will they rent by the hour?? <g>)

If you’re not familiar with the nH side of the world, go left from Temple Street until you get to newHorizone’s Entrance, up until you get to Village Apartments, then right until you get to SV Hotel Entrance.

I have many fond memories of the hotel from years past. Among them is playing Bingo with Kay in The Open Mic. A great group of avies gathered there. I’m not the biggest Bingo fan around, but the laughs and camaraderie made it much more than just a game. I’m happy to say I see a lot of that in the games inworld now.

Another memory I have is Wild Bill’s trivia games. He hosted an unsponsored manually scored game in the hotel hallway. Avies would gather on the floor and speak the answers outloud. He gave tokens as prizes. I will never forget that hydrogen has 1 proton and 1 electron. LOL

On that note, we’ve already started to create new memories in the hotel. Ðarksider J and JavaBean brought their show to The Open Mic to celebrate the opening (and the Dancing Peanuts of Kymer were there). Lots of laughs and music were shared by all. Is there any better way to spend a couple of hours?


I have lots of other memories of the hotel, but I would love to read yours. Please post in the comments if you have memories you’d like to share.

SV Hotel Reopens

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