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The Legend of the Dreamscape – Chapter 1

The Argo

Three millennia ago, a great ship named the Argo travelled the seven seas under the courageous Captain Jason and his crew, the Argonauts, as part of a grand odyssey.  The sturdy vessel was named in honour of its maker, Argus the shipwright, and was blessed by the goddess Athena before its maiden voyage.  Zeus's wife Hera also took a special liking to the crew.  Throughout the journeys, Athena and Hera both protected the adventuring sailors.

Later in his life, Jason fell out of favour with the goddesses when he fell in love with the sorceress Medea and later broke his vow to cherish her always.  No longer seeing him as the captain he once was, his crew deserted him.  Alone and miserable, he napped beneath the stern of the decaying ship after praying for a chance to reclaim his honour.  As the goddesses considered Jason's heartfelt plea, a piece of the stern snapped from its weight and impaled his heart before they could act.

Having sympathy for the man, Athena and Hera pledged to safeguard his bloodline through his son, Thessalus, who became the King of Iolcus.  Together, they restored the Argo and bestowed upon it a permanent blessing so the ship would never deteriorate again.  The goddesses sent a guardian spirit in the form of a parrot, named after the messenger god Hermes—Jason's great grandfather.  He was assigned to watch over the Argo and protect its passengers, in order to carry them safely to each destination.  The ownership of the vessel passed down through Jason's descendants.

Chapter 2

The Legend Of The Dreamscape – Chapter 1

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