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The Legend of the Dreamscape – Chapter 2

Chapter 1 - Available Here

The Neo Argonauts - Chapter 2

Many generations later, a young man named Nestor inherited the Argo.  Inspired by his famed ancestor Jason, Nestor aspired to be an explorer of the sea and learn all of its secrets.  To start his life ambition, the bright-eyed youth assembled nine likeminded sailors and formed the Neo Argonauts.  Pursuing their dream of discovering new lands and hunting treasure, they embarked on a new journey westward across the vast ocean.

However, on this first voyage with her new captain, the Argo met with a devastating and unescapable storm.  As the tide swelled and the wind grew more turbulent, Nestor did his best to brave the tempest and bring his crew to safety with Hermes's guidance.  Yet their hope seemed completely lost when a rogue wave formed and threatened to claim the ship.  The sailors tried frantically to take cover, but it was too late.  The mass of sea water crashed onto the deck of the Argo, knocking out Nestor and the crew.  Hermes had flown out of the way, unable to control the calamitous event.  He then swooped back down in an attempt to revive Nestor and the other unconscious sailors, but to no avail.

As the guardian bird took to the sky again and hovered above, he felt as though he failed to keep the crew from harm as the goddesses entrusted him to do ages ago.  But he knew that their fates were not sealed just yet.  Like his namesake, Hermes sent a telepathic message to Poseidon, ruler of the oceans, in hopes that he would be able to quell the storm and resuscitate the Neo Argonauts.  But alas, the sea god, his son Triton, and even the sea nymph Thetis were preoccupied with a matter on the other side of the world.  As he looked over the collapsed sailors, he feared they soon would be lost to the depths.  Just then, he remembered.  One deity had the greatest influence and power over those who were asleep.  He was one of the three great Oneiroi—Morpheus, the god of dreams!

Hermes contacted Morpheus and briefly explained the situation.  Moments later, there was a vehement approval.  Out of nowhere, a sparkling silver cloud of mist appeared on the surface of the waters, seen near the bow of the vessel.  Unaffected by the rainy gale, the vapour rolled over the raging ocean and consumed the Argo and everyone on board, Hermes included.  With zero visibility, the harsh sounds of the tempest swiftly dissolved into a whisper.  When the mystic fog cleared, the storm was nowhere to be seen, instead replaced with peaceful waters and a mild breeze.

Remnants of the mist began to escape from the nostrils of each of the crew members.  As if given smelling salts, Nestor and his crew woke from their slumber one by one, gasping and coughing.  They looked around, dazed, disoriented, and questioning what happened.  Hermes, pleased to see that their lives were spared, revealed to the befuddled sailors that the god Morpheus graciously intervened and transported the ship beyond the mortal world to his realm, the Dreamscape.  They were now bearing east, sailing through the tranquil Sea of Io towards an island.  After lifting their hands in gratitude to Morpheus and Hermes for the rescue, they sang a chantey during mooring preparations as the Argo approached the island.

The Legend Of The Dreamscape – Chapter 2

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