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What Is Happening On The Mountains?

There has been some activity on the mountains. We have investigated and even consulted with the Oracles and have discovered something very exciting!

The Pans are returning! They will be coming down from the upper reaches of the mountains in the coming days. The Pans can be a rowdy bunch when together, though some more than others, but they all want to interact with and entertain the mortals.


Glistening Glacier Pan

Acacia Blossom Pan

Bubbling Springs Pan

Some Pans may be shyer than previous Pans you have met as this is the first time that these Pans have come down from the mountain to meet the mortals of our world. Others might be bolder and become more boisterous as the game progresses. Just try not to scare them off as they can be skittish and the Oracles might not be able to find them again to coax them back down the mountain.

Thundering Storm Pan

Grazing Green Pan

Thornberry Pan

Pans will be hosting participation games where everyone is a winner in some way, and all will at least receive either a Main prize or DP. Everyone will get a chance to play every time they show up at a Pan game where registrations will not close, and will be taken until the end of every game. The games will run until 45 minutes past the hour at the earliest, so if you show up early you may get to play multiple times and walk away with multiple prizes! Rules for the various Pan games can be found at

Returning from their travels to far off lands, the Pans will be carrying their traveling supplies to the games with them. In November each Pan will have a cloak and a lockable chest as their main prizes, along with a bird companion ornament and traveling lantern as door prizes. Be sure to visit with all the Pans to collect their items, Pans may also offer their brother Pan’s cloaks, chests, companions and lanterns as well as their own just in case you miss one of them or can’t make it to their games.

What Is Happening On The Mountains?

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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