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Now you have rented a Turf. It's time for you to decorate it. You can buy things for your Turf in VMart located in Orchid Street. This is where you can find shops for:

Garden  - 1st floor left side

Lighting - 2nd floor left side

Turf Deco (Tables and Chairs) - 2nd floor right side

Kitchen Furnishing - 3rd floor left side

Living Room Furnishing - 3rd floor right side

Curtains and Windows - 4th floor left side

Turf Deco Needs - 4th floor right side

Electronics - 5th floor left side

Turf Deco Needs - 5th floor right side




How to go to VMart?

Step 1. The easiest way to go to VMart is to ride a Teleporter. Teleporters are usually near your Turf, look around you should see one.

Click the "Teleporter" then click "Orchid Street Teleporter".


Step 2. Now you are in Orchid street Locale: Jungle Entrance. Go left 3x and you should be in Locale: VMart Entrance.


Step 3. Click the "Door" then select "Pass through".


How to Buy?

Click on the "vendo" ,then hit on "Display Contents" on the pop-up menu to know the things are being sold in each vendo. If you like something in a particular vendo, click the"vendo", hit " View next item or view previous item" until it displays the things that you wanted to buy then select "Buy this item".


Video Tutorial:

You can pause and play as you follow the video guide.

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