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A Peek at Summerland Island

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We’ve had some short stays at Summerland Island recently. This will be our home away from home when WA is not available. There are only a few locales right now, but we have been told more are coming. The locales that are there are lovely.

Once you leave the Argo, if you forgot to name yourself, you can do that on the Argo Dock.

The first place you should visit is Little Shop of Essence. In here you can change to any head and body you want. There are also paints to customize your colors. All are free.

Once you’ve ‘dressed’ yourself, wander around and enjoy the scenery. One popular spot to chat is at this fountain. Even Cosmic Andy chatted with members here as a cute little avie.

There is more to see, and will be more coming in the future.

Thanks to Chime and all the staff members who helped to create this place for us to gather when our iw home isn’t available.

A Peek At Summerland Island

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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