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Client Update

An update to the Vzones client software was released today. For some the update went smoothly, but some have had some issues. If you are getting errors when updating, the best way to fix it is to uninstall the VZones program, reboot, then reinstall. If you reinstall, please download the installer . You may also need to temporarily disable firewall/virus programs when updating. VZones doesn’t officially support XP, so if you are using XP and having problems, please raise a support ticket giving as many details as possible on the issue.

On to the good news <g> Aside from the spiffy looking new launcher and icon featuring the new VZ logo the update is meant to reduce downtime. I am told that in the event the VZones DNS, domain or website have any problems the login server will still work so we can log in to VZ.


Client Update

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