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Can I change my forum username?

Currently it’s not possible to change your forum username. This is something we are working on with the forum developers and hope to  have a solution by September.

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  1. Hi!
    Some months ago I sent a request through Tangerine (No #19760) forum account with regard to my account login name nmitch which was given to me when I joined up. I asked then if this nmitch could be changed to Tang or Gracie instead of nmitch as I do not like accessing with either my name or initials. I have received an email closing this ticket so thought this had been sorted. I went into the nmitch account and changed name to Tang but when I go into forum it is still listing me as nmitch which I really am not happy to use.

    What is the situation with regard to name change please? Is it possible to have the nmitch taken out and replaced with Tang?

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