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Monthly Game & Hosting Rules

The following rules apply to registered hosts. If you are interested in hosting please contact Pyewacket.

  1. Two games per hour are allowed on the schedule but they must be different games in different locales.
  2. Six players are needed per game.
  3. No minimum players needed for Practice Games with Lizard Prizes.
  4. Only hosts who commit to the Game Schedule will be able to claim prize vouchers.
  5. Spamming for your game is allowed, but not in a locale that already has a game in progress.
  6. Hosts cannot play their game or another game while hosting.
  7. Winners must be posted in the forums in the Game Winners folder in Gaming. 
  8. Hosts will receive a reward of 1 Gold per game hosted. The game must be on the Game Schedule, and winners must be posted in the forum for the host to receive a reward for that game. Rewards will be calculated and paid twice a month based on games played the 1st through the 15, and the 16th through end of month. The reward program begins with games played on November 19th, 2018. If you have any questions on the reward program, please contact Pyewacket.
  9. Hosting in your turf is allowed for ‘impromptu games’  only. No monthly games with voucher prizes should be hosted in your turf.  Public areas or Game Dome turfs are accepted and encouraged for games.
  10. If you are going to miss a game, first try to find a sub. If you cannot find a sub and you miss the game then post it in the forums. Sub hosts must be approved hosts. If a host misses games for two weeks without requesting LOA  and/or posting in the forum, the game will be removed from the schedule.
  11. Missed game prizes must be given to your sub or returned back to Pyewacket via VZ Mail. Making up a missed game at another time is not allowed.
  12. If the host is late for a scheduled game an approved host sub may be used for that game. Sub must wait 10 minutes from the scheduled start time before taking over the game. Sub must get the prizes from the hosts, if available.  If a last minute sub is needed, the host must try to ESP Pyewacket first to get voucher prizes. If Pyewacket is not available, try Polly, Chime or Dan.
  13. All players and hosts are asked to be courteous to each other. No harassment, bullying or rude comments will be tolerated to the host or players.  Everyone is here to have fun.
  14. Games must be on the schedule at
  15. A host may request LOA (leave of absence) if needed. The host must contact Pyewacket to schedule LOAs. LOAs can be up to 2 weeks, after that time if a host does not return, the game can be removed from the schedule. Please let Pyewacket know if you need to take LOA.

All hosts must pre-order the prize sets needed per scheduled time on the Daily Games Schedule. Orders will be from the 1st – 15th, then the 16th through the end of the month and will be delivered via VZ Mail. Please send your orders to Pyewacket via ESP Mail inworld. Hosts are responsible for ordering their prize sets. We will try to post reminders, but it is up to the hosts to order.

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