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Daily Maintenance

What is daily maintenance?

The VZones technology was developed in the early 90s and is based on older code and hardware. During 2017/2018 we have and continued to make many improvements it still requires a maintenance window each day for a series of tasks and backup to be completed.

When is maintenance?

This is done daily between 7AM and 10AM WA time and expected to last under 5 minutes.

Can I still play during maintenance?

Yes you can. Simple login as normal and you’ll enter our backup world. During this time you can explore, chat and hang out in a different world. When maintenance is completed you simply log out and log back in which will automatically take you into the main world.

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  1. Do we earn tokens when we are in the back up world? It currently is 9:19 AM and maintenance has not started. So you are not that good at adhering to your time schedule. It is important to those of us needing to earn tokens.

    1. The maintenance window has now been changed to between 7AM and 10AM WA to cover additional time which maybe needed. Average maintenance time is currently 3 minutes so it’s backup so quickly token earning is not worth it or possible due to it being a maintenance window.

      1. it is 10 am and we have not gone down for maintenance. What is the problem? what can we count on? I am totally frustrated with this. Just give us back our tokens that you wiped . Or don’t make it so special that we get all our shit back, cause here is the thing.,.. we cant afford to pay for it if we cant park to earn tokens. and I cant park if we don’t go down for maintenance when you say we will. I do need to sleep. Your window is 7am to 10 am your time , that is 2 am to 5 am my time. I can stay up until 2 or 3, but that’s it. Please get a better handle on the maintenance.

  2. Will you ever have a “scheduled routine maintenance”? So we can count on shut down at close to the same time every day? I know I read a post somewhere you said at end of Sept you were planning that. Far as I can see it hasn’t happened.

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