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Unexpected response from server error message

This message will be shown under the following circumstances

  • You are using the wrong username or password in the launcher.
  • Your firewall/security software is blocking the connection from your PC to our servers.
  • Our security systems have blocked your IP address for accessing VZones.
  • WorldsAway is offline.

Check the current status of WorldsAway is showing PASS which means the servers are online and operating normally via the server status.

Check you are using the correct user ID and password. If you dont know your password you can request a new password which takes 24 hours.

If you are still getting the error turn off your security software including your firewall & antivirus. Try connecting again. If the problem is solved you will need to turn the software back on and allow the VZones software permissions in your firewall settings.

If you are still getting this error it's possible your IP address has been blocked for too many failed logins. Visit to get your IP and send it to us on a support ticket.

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