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To Pawn is to sell items you possess that you no longer need. Items that you pawn cannot be recovered so make sure to think twice before doing so. Shown below is one of the Pawn machines that you can find in the game. Trash cans are Pawn Machines too. Shown below are Instructions on how to pawn  items.

Step 1. Get the item that you wanted to sell from your pocket. Click your "Avatar" then select "get from pocket" and choose the "item" that you want to sell or pawn. It shows like this on the image below.

Step 2. Click on the "Pawn machine" or "Trash Can" then select "Sell Item" to pawn. To know the value before pawning simply click on the machine then select "Appraise".  The worth of the item should show on the upper left side of the VZones screen.



Great! You are now holding the token that you earn from pawning your items. You can put it in your pocket to add up on your existing tokens.

Video Tutorial:

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