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Engravable items

4 years agoin progress2

I would like a vendo of engravable items like fuzzies, bears, foxes, other knickknacks. Colors could rotate monthly with the monthly prizes. Maybe they could be an addition to the prize mart for vouchers. Similar to what we had with the mages. Thank you

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  1. To help us understand this better….the main reason for wantign engravable items is so you can call things any name you want? gift them with a custom name etc?

    1. Yes, that would be the main reason. The Mages used to have a vendo in the Jungle with engravable items – a fuzzie, different bottles, necklaces, balloons, chests, hearts, etc. The colors were changed each month. There have been so many times when I’d like to give someone an engraved gift, but the items we have inworld are limited.

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