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Hello 🙂
How about making EVERYTHING in Variations available for tokens or Gold… From a purchasing point of view, they cost the same… I’ve noticed nicer colors available for Gold and not for Tokens. That’s a deliberate move to make customer spend money on Gold and de-values our token monetary system… Please consider my suggestion.

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    1. People will buy gold or tokens, its a win win for them … but my point is dont just make holiday stuff and nicer colors Gold only …..

      1. That’s the perk of having gold. People buy/earn gold to get better things. I don’t want to spend my hard earned gold for something someone else can buy for tokens. It really decreases the value of gold.
        It needs to stay the way it is.

        1. Tokens are not hard earned? 5000 tokens take 10.4 days, 8000 tokens take 16.7 days. Thus, it’s fair to say that Tokens will be purchased, same as Gold, if someone wants something bad enough to use RW $$$ to get it. So the argument that it makes no difference is valid. Not to mention, the division it causes, for those who cannot afford to buy with RW $$$, or newbies that have to rely on Tokens, and are unsure of staying IW.

        2. The price of Gold and Tokens is the same.. People host to earn Gold and thats great.. I can afford Gold, but I got all these tokens.. Let me spend them, THEN I may be more inclined to buy Gold … And Ur post makes it sound like the Rich vs. the Poor.. These are pixels..

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