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Gold and Black!

4 years agoopen11

Please make clothing available in more colors, specifically gold, black, or black and gold. (not black and purple, or gold and green, etc…) It’s a classic combo and literally EVERYONE will wear it.

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  1. everyone doesn’t wear it 24/7..theres gold and black items all in Vari. I like all colors. I don’t want colors removed I like just to make them gold and black because YOU like it that way. everyone has their own individual taste. no 2 of us are alike. there’s clothes I love but don’t love the colors, and I’m ok with that

    1. Actually I never asked to have anything removed to make room for gold and black – that would be a bad move IMO – I like seeing all the colors! In fact if you reread you’ll see I say “more” colors not “remove colors” I’m just asking for MORE gold and black, in addition to the colors they already have, and I don’t see the harm in that *shrug*

      And I don’t think I’ve seen anyone IW that didn’t wear that color at one time or another — so yes, everyone will wear it. (also I never said everyone wears it 24/7. You perhaps need to reread 🙂 )

  2. you misunderstood what I was saying. I didn’t say everyone wears it 24/7. I was saying you do and that’s why you want more in those colors. the vendos are full to capacity. They would have to remove colors to put in new ones. theres so many outfits I LOVE, but I don’t like the colors. They would literally have to make another floor or remove current colors to change them to black and gold, that’s what i’m saying.

  3. You do realize this request was put in long before Hidden Treasures hit, don’t you??

    I’m very pleased with the color choices in Hidden Treasures! All of them — not just the ones I will wear. I think they really hit a Home Run with that shop.

    Regardless — plenty of people asking for updates to Variations. Mine is just one more request, and while yes, I DO wear black and gold exclusively, others wear it as well so it wouldn’t be a “JD Only” item, thus I think appropriate to ask for in terms of color choices when updating of Vari does happen.

    I don’t think asking for one color means no other colors can be there. That would be…silly. Color choices of clothing never come down to this color and no others…. (well except for like, 4th of July/Canada day and that’s kinda..expected. LOL)

  4. This is clearly just a “you” thing because your vote count does not reflect your statement that EVERYONE will wear it.
    I honestly think people wear less gold at black now.

  5. Well, funny thing about the voting system here – you can vote up or down for a thing multiple times..the vote count was approaching 10 positive at one point but, due to the unfortunate voting system was repeatedly voted down, presumably by the same person/people with a vendetta…Pam… and possibly the others as well although I don’t recognize the emails…

    All you really have to do is open your eyes, and drop the vendetta. Asking for a clothing choice hardly warrants this kind of anger but hey, you do you.

    Putting this thread in the spam folder – not worth my time any longer.

    1. I tested that theory….if I clicked to change vote, it cancels the vote I originally made. If I reclick the vote I already voted, it dismisses my vote..its like clicking a light on and off. So its not Pam doing anything of the sort. you get one vote per thread

  6. These suggestions are to be meant to benefit all in world, not just one person. I wish I could vote more than once. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams, but many see this as benefiting only one person, hence the vote number. No need to assume there is some sort of vendetta. How about opening your eyes and look a the big picture here. Maybe it should be deleted?? Wonder if I could make that a suggestion…

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