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New Member Support

3 years agoopen3

I believe there needs to be more support and guidance for members that are just signing up for the first time. Having gone through it recently is was very frustrating not knowing what to do or where to find items you signed up for such as townhouse and monthly items etc. It is a very convoluted process with zero detailed instructions to be found anywhere on the site or in forums. I don’t want to go into all the details here as to the specifics of what is confusing but am here if you would like to get some input. I can submit a list if you would like more detail.

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  1. Good ideas! We need to do more work to help the new players right after signup. We will also be setting up the newbie welcome role in the coming future.

  2. I was a Welcomer for years in nH before becoming a Guide. We would staff the Hatchery almost all day to make sure that the new members had an easy entry into the community. We showed them how to move and paint and the economics of the community. It really helped. We also took donations and made welcome bags for the new members so that they would have a present upon arrival. We were also allotted tokens to gift to them. Less frustration makes happier members!

    1. Kimmiedee the type of help you are describing would have been wonderful and sounds like it would be a priceless addition to the world. If there is concern in regard to staffing around the clock even making an appointment with a new member to meet IW might work as well.

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