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SC Turfs

4 years agoapproved11

While all the improvements made, and in the works are great, it would be nice to have some SC turfs brought over. There are many of us who have lots of great things left lingering over there, and with others getting DS, and nH turfs back it only seems fair to try and make this happen too.
We arent asking for the adut content (obviously), just anything else that would be approved.
This is not the first time requested.
Please! 🙁

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  1. Andy –

    Even a compromise, since I know bringing in more turfs is a concern of yours, I propose:

    Deleting any/all IMG codes and item names that are unfit for nH and DS, then keep the bridge for us open to SC turfs, making them accessible for turf owners to be able to go in, pack up our belongings, and just bring them over. Most of us are mainly interested in our AW items.
    I understand this would take time to delete anything that needs it, however it eliminates the process of importing and bogging up the turf locations.

    Please keep an open mind, as we are trying to work with you, to reach a point where it is workable for all of us.

  2. OR –
    Have them packed up and mailed TO us to go further and eliminate the process of even deleting stuff all together.
    So no worries on importing, and no time spent deleting IMG’s and Names.

  3. Unfortunately this is not something we can do this year but it is something we will do next year. We first need to finish the data work on TST and then come up with a new better/system for importing turfs from SC.

    1. I know it wont be this year, Andy already said that. That’s why I was looking for a reply from him, as I was throwing out ideas as per his comments during the last town meeting.

  4. Copy from FB post by Andy.

    We have updated a few regions in the beach area. SC has over 170,000 turf regions with a million+ items. We continue on a daily basis to clean up the live database and remove thousands of turfs no longer being used or wanted this is a slow and manual process which is worked on daily and what I have discussed many times on FB and in world. The stability of the world is not going to change if we add a few extra regions, a few hundred or a few thousand. We will see stability issues if we start importing turfs again because a turf move from one server to another is not a simple process of copy & paste. It is a manual and very slow and complex process which has at least 20 different technical issues which can cause problems in the live world. SC items in turfs will need to all be manually sorted before a move to make sure no adult content comes over. We have a lot of work to create, test and deploy tools which will allow us to mass import a lot of data from another world on top of what we already have and make sure we do it in a way that we are stable not only at the time of doing it but months & years after and before that happens we need fully fix and make sure day to day live in VZones in stable so unfortunately the stability and security of VZones takes priority over moving turfs from any past world. I know for the people wanting items from SC turfs this is not the answer you want to hear and I do understand people want things from the past.

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