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V-Mart: More Electronics

4 years agoopen1

Since we’ve been goin’ all-out in V-mart, lately, how about an expanded collection of electronics? My thoughts go back to “TechTronics” in old-NH, London. In my case, I’d love to see: the return of the items included in o.stereo.img; the old X-10 devices (e.g. controllers, spotlights [o.x10-12345.img]); more TVs (o.televisions.img); a DJ/radio console (always wanted one of those!), chips/components (e.g o.cybchips.img); etc. Records & tapes, too, maybe?

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  1. Madness already knows this but for anyone else that doesn’t: the TechTronics shop is currently open in London but likely only for a limited time. Lots to buy in there!

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