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Shop For a Chapeau

A new shop has opened on Lakeside Blvd Path. The quickest way to get there is to teleport to Friendship Road, go right to West Gate Bridge Enclave, up to Bridge Street & Lakeside Blvd, then right until you get to the Green Leaf Hatter.

A large selection of headwear is available here for your shopping pleasure. A frienly sales clerk greets you with a wave when you enter.

On the shelves at the left we have:
Pirate Scarf Price: 75
Mini Straw Hat Price: 50
Small Derby Price: 50
Baby Beanie Price: 50
Gopher Cowboy Price: 50
Farmer’s Straw Hat Price: 75
Kids Furry Hat Price: 75
Towel Wrap Price: 75
Fez Hat Price: 75
Ladies Straw Hat Price: 75
Men’s Straw Hat Price: 75
Gardner’s Hat Price: 75

The hats at the sales counter are as follows:
Outback Jack Price: 75
Gameskeeper’s Hat Price: 75
Cotton Slouch Cap Price: 125
Plaid Hat Price: 75
Mom’s Sunday Hat Price: 75
Weekend Cap Price: 75

There is also a lovely gift box available:
Green Leaf Hatter Box Price: 50

Moving to the left we have Green Leaf Specialty Hats.

Featured on the top row are:
Sunday Hat Price: 100
Silly Poms Hat Price: 150
Insignia Price: 125
Sunday Best Price: 150
Beanie Cap Price: 75
Velvet Fedora Price: 100
Sultan’s Turban Price: 175
Warm Knit Wooly Price: 125

And on the bottom row we have:
Top Hat Price: 175
Magician’s Top Hat Price: 150
Ring Master Top Hat Price: 175
Fancy Straw Hat Price: 175
Royal Crown Price: 125
Scarecrow Hat Price: 150
Guard Hat Price: 175

Click the down arrow and you’ll find yourself in Green Leaf Occupational Hats

The top row has these hats:
Racoon Tail Hat Price: 150
Sleepy Cap Price: 100
Striped Sleepy Price: 100
Press Hat Price: 150
Men’s Topperl Price: 75
Hunter’s Cap Price: 75

The small shelves contain these hats:
Safari Hat Price: 75
XOOM Hat Price: 150
Nurse’s Cap Price: 100
Brett Hat Price: 100
Booming Cap Price: 100

Under the small shelves we have:
Sheik’s Keffiyeh Price: 100
Turban Hat Price: 150
Acorn Hat Price: 125
Rain Gear Price: 100
Uniform Cap Price: 100
Cool Dude Hat Price: 100

The displays at the front showcase these hats:
Play Ball! Price: 75
KO Ball Cap Price: 100
Big Cats Ball Cap Price: 100
Police Helmet Price: 175
CSI Hat Price: 175
Military Helmet Price: 150

Heading to the left brings you to Green Leaf Hat Sets.

In the top left display we have two Scarecrow Harvest hats priced at 150T each.
The top right contains two hats named Cowboy Hat (the brown and silver) and a Sheriff’s Hat. All are 175T each.
On the small shelf on the left there are three caps named Wool Cap. They are priced at 100T.
On the right we have three named Slouch Hat priced at 150T each.
Under the wool caps are three wraps named Wrap and priced at 125T each.
Under the slouch hats are three caps named Mob Cap priced at 100T each.
In the display at the left front there are two hats named French Derby priced at 125T each.
Finally, in the right front display there are two hats named Feather in My Cap priced at 125T each.

Going up from here brings you to Green Leaf Headbands & Crowns.

The top row contains the following:
Prince Crown Price: 75
Princess Crown Price: 75
Sapphire Gem Crown Price: 75
Henry’s Crown Price: 75
Ornamental Headress Price: 100
Enchanted Evening Crown Price: 75
I See the Future Crown Price: 75
Peacock Headband Price: 75
Greek Crown Price: 75

The middle row features these:
Flowers & Ribbons Headband Price: 100
Floral Headband Price: 75
Sparkle Gems Headband Price: 125
SuperStar Headband Price: 100
Ironfeather Headband Price: 75
Cotton Twist Headband Price: 75
Heart Crown Price: 100
Laurel Headband Price: 75
Ornate Headress Price: 75
Retro Headband Price: 75

The bottom row has these:
Nature’s Crown Price: 75
Flowery Headband Price: 100
Hairbow Headband Price: 75
Arrow Head Price: 75
Scorched Horns Price: 75
Red Hot Horns Price: 75
Grapes Wreath Headband Price: 75
Angel Halo Price: 75
Demon Halo Price: 75

Finally, to the left we have Green Leaf Novelty Hats.

On the top row we see:
Revolutionary Hat Price: 125
Captain’s Hat Price: 125
Chef’s Hat Price: 100
Silly Jester Price: 125

The middle display case on the left contains:
Bubble Hat Price: 100
Fruit Wrap Hat Price: 100
Watermelon Wrap Hat Price: 100

The display case on the right contains:
Upper shelf:
Mesh Cap Price 125
Monster Wooly Price: 100
Lower shelf:
Football Helmet Price: 125
Mask and Snorkle Price: 100
Boxing Helmet Price: 75

The display in front on the left has two hats named Sunday Bonnet which are priced at 100T.

On the right we have:
Kymer Bike Helmet Price: 100
Gardener’s Hat Price: 100

Such a lovely shop! Be sure to thank Polly for bringing it to us.

Shop For A Chapeau

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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