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The Vzones Turf Deco Club

Submitted by Tigerlily.

The Vzones Turf Deco Club (TDC) has met twice to discuss the age-old love of avatars everywhere: decorating our turfs and create a unique work of art. Topics included favorite deco tips & tricks, reasons why we love to deco, and items wanted inworld. Also covered was the topic of hosting a Turf Decorating Contest, and sponsoring Turf Tours.

They were two very convivial meetings with lots of conversation, ending with turf tours. So far, we have visited:

Celeste’s Watery adventure

PepperPot’s beautiful digs

SifuJJ’s Dragon Day care

Erebus’ Crypt turf

Tigerlily’s townhouse on Trinity

Lambchop’s condo also on Trinity

Spook’s cave condo on Lakeside

For those of you who feel they “have to be creative or die” this is the place for you. Vzones Turf Deco Club (TDC) is a fun filled decorating Club excited to share some of our fantastic decorating tips and tricks with all our friends and neighbors in Kymer.

We all enjoy areas that feel relaxing and want to hang out in. It may be in a park, or perhaps at a water fall, or in granny’s kitchen with a smorgasbord of homemade baked goods steaming on the stove. Or perhaps you would like a darker side environment with caves, bats, and blood galore. As horrifying as it may sound, the art and techniques are awesome to say the least.

You ask, “How did they do that?” Well TDC wanted to share some of our favorite decorating tips with all our friends and neighbors in Kymer. Here are just a few of our favorites.

During one of our meetings AmaltheaVampyre mentioned that she has fun decorating with what little our world has to offer. Érè, said “Don’t be afraid to try new items” when decorating.

Tigerlily had a wonderful idea when building a hot tub. She likes to use steaming tea (cups) to give the illusion of hot water. She also uses the same steaming tea (cups) behind each of her pies making them appear as if they were freshly baked. Yummy!

In realistic nature scenes, SifuJJ suggests using smaller trees in the back of the room and larger trees up front which gives the appearance of distance and depth in your design. What a great idea! If you are thinking of building a water scene, perhaps an aquarium, Stella2 recommends using champagne glasses hidden behind objects giving the effect of bubbles. This idea is great for ocean scenes too. “Don’t be afraid of using paints because sometimes you get amazing results,” Pepper Pot said, and Celeste said she likes to use custom turf paints when she decorates. Fantastic! Using blues on the back wall can give the appearance of the sky or darker color of blue can make you feel like you are in the ocean. Or perhaps a green color for a lawn of grass… There is no limit to your imagination.

AmaltheaVampyre is apparently known for her gothic styles. She mentioned that she made a dog out of wigs and a dog head. She also uses T-shirts like the maple leaf as wall paper. That’s one clever girl. I am eager to see what she cooks up next, I mean comes up with next.

Sly mentioned using heads for beds or couches made of heads. Again, the sky is the limit to your imagination. Lola Showgirl said she makes family portraits in rooms that apply to her real world. She told us she has a room dedicated to her father- a room that is very precious to her. PetMePlease said she would like to make an owl turf in memory of Mav. What a great idea…

Spooks loves making fox`caves, whenever she has time. The idea from AmaltheaVampyre is making one with a rabbit and a fox sitting in a den. Spooks also said she covers areas up with rocks. Sounds like caves are her specialty. I tell you all this group is on fire for decorating. Using wall panels to cover areas that are not so appealing is a great tip from LambChop.

Now here are a few tricks to the trade:
To empty contents from containers using the Empty feature will make emptying all contents of that container much quicker. But before you decide to do that Spooks recommends gluing the container at 511 (in the back of a room) and then empty your container to prevent items from dropping below the screen and possibly getting lost. Should you lose items below the screen or just looking for an item you can use the Search feature to help find it. Totally awesome when you are looking for something in your messy storage turf.

Now once you have emptied your container Arabella suggests clicking the floor and glue all items in the room right away, another great feature. This will make it easier to move items where you want them in a less time-consuming manner.

One of Dia’s tricks is to dump all contents and glue items to the walls. Then she sticks a chair way high, so she can sit in it and stay out of the way when she is arranging her items. What a great idea!

Another trick from Tigerlily is to use the Glue Here section and the Use Last. This feature really helps when you have multiples of one item and don’t want to show all of them. This is great feature if you have a storage turf or own a store.

The Vzones Turf Deco Club (TDC) created a list of some of their highest deco desires which they would LOVE to see soon in vendos to help with all our decorating needs.

    1. Wall panels
    2. Steaming cups of tea/hot choc
    3. Glasses of champagne
    4. Area rugs
    5. Greenery, shrubs, bushes, hedges
    6. Little houses
    7. Rock paths
    8. Clouds
    9. Water puddles
    10. Sun, moon, stars
    11. Lots of requests for the items formerly sold in Regency to come back. If you don’t remember what those items were, please ask Kizza and LindyLou.
    12. From one active decorating squirrel (PepperPot):
      How about a vendo room in VMart called Celestial? With all types of sky, night, day, storm etc. And clouds, rain and well you get the idea. Would be a good background to build on.

Dia sums it up by saying that she loves to create rooms and see her vision for them come to life! This is the goal of TDC, for all those who are interested in creating beautiful locales in the world, to share with friends and family, and to make someone think this is a beautiful place.

Shameless plug for the TDC:
We are having a lot of fun talking about deco and showing off our creations. There is even a fan page on FB: Vzones Turf Deco Club (TDC). Come to a meeting or just browse our page for ideas. We do turf tours, so that really makes it fun!

TDC Members include: Celeste, Tigerlily, Whimsical, Liltxangel, Stella2, Érè, pepper pot, Tado, SifuJJ, Lambchop, Sly, CeCeBella, K1TT1, Racquel, AmaltheaVampyre, Lola Showgirl, Arabella, Dia, Spooks, and PetMePlease

(Many thanks to Lambchop for condensing our meetings into this article.)

The Vzones Turf Deco Club

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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    1. Hugs Havana! TDC has a fan page on FB. Everyone is welcome! I thought I send you an invite, but if not, go to Vzones Turf Deco Club (TDC) page and request membership. Its open to all (except RW muggles LOL)

    2. Oh! Also… TDC meets tonight at 9pm EST/2am VZT and again tomorrow at 2pm EST/7pm VZT. Turf is TDC in Riverview. =) Hope to have some turf tours!

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