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​Willaby Wallaby Woo!

This story was graciously provided to us by Sly and Tigerlily. Enjoy!

Willaby Wallaby Woo!
A story by Tigerlily and Sly

​While exploring a turf that was recently restored, Kizza was happily sorting through various items she had forgotten she had stored away. She suddenly spied a movement from the corner of her eye. She was not sure what it was — it had skittered behind some other chests. Hmmm, she thought, and continued looking through the chests. Upon opening a yellow moving box, she heard little chittering noises. She peeked inside and found a little critter. It seemed scared, but smiled and blinked in a friendly way.









Kizza scooped up the small critter, and cuddled it gently. It made a noise between a purr and a hum. Suddenly she heard responding hums, purrs and chitters! Looking quickly around, Kizza discovered other critters slowly and cautiously peeping out from behind her clutter. She extended her hand, and one by one, the critters emerged and snuggled up to her. Wanting to find out more about her new friends, she decided she needed to bring them to Dr. Alayne to see what she could discover about these interesting new critters. Dr. Alayne was the most knowledgeable person of Phantasus life. Some even said she was distantly related to the mystical Mages and mysterious Muses. But since all magical avatars disappeared during the Great Crash, no one had much knowledge of Kymer’s previous rich and storied history. Many seemed to be suffering from some type of community amnesia, no longer remembering the Magic that once abounded within the shores of Kymer… but not Dr. Alayne. So off Kizza went, with her new friends happily ensconced in a very large basket.

​Dr. Alayne greeted Kizza warmly. The two often enjoyed chats, sitting in Alayne’s Patio and reminiscing. Just as Kizza was sitting down in her usual spot, she received an urgent telepathic message from her friend Tigerlily, who was on one of her daily jaunts in the Jungle. Tigs excitedly reported she has found dozens of adorable, friendly new critters outside Echo’s Cave in the Jungle. Kizza told Tigs that she had found some too, and she was at that very moment visiting Dr. Alayne, sitting in Alayne’s Patio. Tigs quickly teleported nearby and dashed to the very back of the Muse Gardens.

Dr. Alayne looked the critters over, murmuring to them and to herself. The little Whoosits giggled and squirmed happily, obviously thinking this was some kind of play. Finally she put down her spectacles and shrugged. Grinning at Kizza and Tigerlily, she declared them to be a new species! The critters seemed to be a metamorphosis of a fuzzie and a stuffed toy or mayhap even an ancient hybrid of the fuzzie and the rabbit. Some kind of mystical magic left over from the Muses and Mages perhaps. These adorable critters appeared happiest when held and snuggled.

Dr. Alayne surmised that the critters had probably become very worried when all avatar life disappeared from Phantasus. She believed they might be all over the city of Phantasus, even all over Kymer, hidden is the jungle, the parks, up in Mage mountains or under the Sea of Io.








Tigs hooted and Kizza fell over laughing. “Well, what’s next? What should we do about them?” Kizza wondered. “Well, look, they were scared, but just look at how happy they are when we hold them and play with them,” Tigs stated. Dr. Alayne felt it was best for the citizens of Kymer to befriend these lost and frightened critters, take them in as pets, and give them loving homes. Just then, Sly came traipsing in with a few more critters. “Look what I found!” she exclaimed. “We know!” chuckled Kizza, and told Sly all they had come to understand about them. “Well, let’s bring them to Brother Echo,” suggested Sly. “Surely he will want to know, and can advise us.”

Brother Echo laughed delightedly at the playful group and agreed with Dr. Alyane’s assessment. He noticed how quickly and easily the critters formed a bond with Kymerians. “Listen to them carefully. They will communicate with you and tell you their names.” After a pause, Brother Echo smiled and stated that the new critters are called Willabies. Echo revealed the names of the group visiting them: Oliver, Chester, Daisy, Smokey, Bella, Flower, Peanut, and Teddy. He suggested that the members listen to their new pets reveal their names. Adoptions have been set up for citizens to adopt a loving Willaby of their own and name them.


Dr. Alayne feels there may be many, many more critters lurking all around. Keep your eyes out and maybe you will find one!

​Willaby Wallaby Woo!

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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