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Welcome to VZones! We are glad to know that you are interested in signing up a new account. This guide will show you on how you can register and select the type of membership you want.

We offer 2 months discount for yearly subscriptions.

Payments are accepted via PayPal and all major debit and credit cards via secure Stripe Pay.

All purchases are none refundable. If you are not sure about joining we recommend trying us out first with a free account which allows you to chat and explore WorldsAway via the browser for free.

Free accounts are instant once verified. Standard & VIP accounts are currently setup within 24 hours.


For FREE Membersip:
Monthly: $0

  • You can create 1x Avatar
  • You can play for free on the web
  • Limited Access Areas
  • You can change Body/Heads using tokens


For STANDARD Membership:
Monthly: $14.99
1 Year:  $149.99 (2 months discounted price)

    • Avatars: 1 Main Avatar & 1 ALT Avatar
    • Tokens: 20T Hourly
    • Turfs: Token Rent
    • Software: Windows Software support Windows 7,8,10 + Mobile/Web Versions
    • Body/Heads: Token Based
    • Access Areas: All
    • XP: Single


For VIP Membership:
Monthly: $34.99
1 Year:  $349.90 (2 months discounted price)

  • Avatars: 4 Multi or 8 Single
  • Tokens: 20T Hourly
  • Turfs: Free Rent (1 Turf Per Location) Main Rent Holder
  • Software: Windows Supporting 7,8 & 10. Mobile/Web Versions
  • Body/Heads: Unlimited Free
  • Access Areas: All
  • Early Access: Yes
  • XP: Double XP


 Monthly Bonus: 
10000 Tokens
10 Game Vouchers
Limited Edition Monthly Fuzzie
Limited Edition Monthly Chest

 VIP Extras: 
1% ATM Interest
50% Paint Discount
NH AW Home
Shop Discount Card
Free Monthly VZ AW
More In Future

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