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Event prizes

3 years agocompleted1

I don’t know how others feel about this, but I honestly think the event prizes do not belong in the prize market. Let me tell you why before you thumbs down….

Events bring more players, but the last few I have seen quite a few people say “Ill just buy them later”, so while there is still more people at games, there is not as many as there could be…. I’d like to see that.

It also makes the items more valuable for shop owners, or those who like to sell with stands. If they are in the market to “just buy later”, they have no value. They aren’t special…. and event prizes SHOULD be!

I understand not everyone can make all events, at all times (myself included)…. But that’s the thrill of the prizes also.
Lets make these more valuable and special again please!
Remove them!

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