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SC Turfs: Take 2…. time for ACTION

1 year agoopen1

3 YEARS later. Same Idea. Same Hope.

I got your 40 votes. I understand past stability issues, but come on.
We got the locales, we got the new shops, and art….. Can we start to focus on returning turfs to former SC members and start to make them a priority now?
We have been more than patient (3 years), and lately (3 years) very quiet and understanding.

From my last APPROVED “idea”:
“VZones Staff – Chris
August 11, 2020 at 1:24 pm
Unfortunately this is not something we can do this year but it is something we will do next year. We first need to finish the data work on TST and then come up with a new better/system for importing turfs from SC.”

So….. Which next year?

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