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Meeting With Cosmic Andy – August 19

DATELINE: Sunday August 19, 2018

Cosmic Andy joined us Sunday for one of his impromptu meetings, complete with cookies made by Polly and handed out by Andy. Here is a summary of what was discussed. Questions that pertain to an individual member’s issue won’t be listed in this summary, but in general, if you have specific problems, it is best to raise a support ticket. The full text follows the summary.

Game Dome
The Game Dome will be opening RSN (no seriously it WILL be RSN). Keep an eye on the Kymer Observer for details.

Some of the old SK locales will return, but new locales are also being created. SK will retain a different theme from the rest of the world. It will be a few months before we see the new SK.

Subscription Length:
Currently subscriptions are for one month or a year at a time. If you want to pay in advance for other lengths of time, raise a support ticket and it can be done manually.

Staff Availability
There are two new office staffers being trained now, plus David will be coming inworld. New staff is only office based at this time. For inworld issues, members should contact Polly, Chime or Dan, or raise a support ticket. A support ticket should be responded to in 24 hours Monday to Friday.

Items Returned from nH
Polly explained that items and turfs from nH are actually copies brought from the original nH database which is why they come in with a price of 10T. If you have issues with any of those imported items, contact Polly, Chime or Dan.

Events and Quests
Events and Quests will be coming back. Pyewacket is currently working on this.

Muses and mages and the other past roleplaing groups will not be returning.

Turf Deco Club
Andy acknowledged the TDC as the first member run club.

Hourly Token Rate, Teleporter Costs, etc.
Suggestions about inworld prices, items, locales, and so on, can be posted in the forum in the Community Ideas board. If you see an idea in there you like add your voice.

Inworld Map
This is being worked on.

Harassment and Bullying
You can report a member at You can attach screenshots and text to your report,

New Members
While there is no advertising for new users yet as things are still being sorted, we are getting new members every day. Some oldbies returning and some finding us through search engines.

Pyewacket will be working on additions to the FAQ pages to include inworld resources (clubs, shops, etc.)

Name Changes
A member can change their avatar name and it will not affect their membership status (Standard, VIP)

Hosting Rules
Hosting rules are listed under Support/FAQ on the VZones web page.

Full text is below the picture. Thanks to Dia for providing the text.

<system>: Entering Locale: Relax Under the Shade Tree
Cosmic Andy: Safer for you on this side of the bench
Cosmic Andy: Cookies in the oven i guess
Chime: lol
Brynne: I don’t have any Qs so I’ll be in the cloud.
MerritB: huggs all
Lil Dia: huggs
Chime: Hugs
Spookje: I have one question
Cosmic Andy: Around until 8:30PM to answer any questions and get feedback from you all to check how we are doing in August. Pye will also be around soon to discuss her ideas for quests and gaming.
Cosmic Andy: Sure
Spookje: an avatar from Beta will not join now she has to pay, how long will it take until shes gone from my turf lease?
Dan: wb
Dan: and there she is<react>
Pammie Sue: huggiessss
Pyewacket: pfffft
Chime: ty Dan
Chime: Hugs Pye
Yorkie: <licks candy>
Pyewacket: hugggz
Cosmic Andy: We could remove it sooner if you made a ticket but will be a month or two until we move to the online turf system and remove the BETA users who have not joined.
Spookje: I will wait, thank you
Cosmic Andy: <wave>
Sophia: ty chime
Pammie Sue: ty for the help crash
Chime: yw!
Dan: there are seats in the grass at the front if you wanna come sit ghosties
Sophia: thanks didn’t know
Cosmic Andy: Polly has said she is getting the cookies from the oven now
Dan: yw<grin>
Ocean Breezes: ty
Spookje: yea <jump><jump><jump>
Lil Dia: question…when will hosts be able to get a turf in Game Dome
Spookje: Polly!
Pammie Sue: hope she shares<grin>
Spookje: she will, I won’t <react>
Pammie Sue: lol
Camille: I have some questions about SK
Cosmic Andy: They can. Pye is sorting that.
Dan: I have to taste test them first
Cosmic Andy: SK sure ask away…
Dan: its in the rules<react>
Camille: you said you are reuilding it
Camille: rebuilding
Spookje: it is not.
Spookje: <steps on toes>
Camille: does that mean you will be changing the locales?
Pammie Sue: i am a good taste tester <grin>
Dan: lol
Cosmic Andy: The locales you see now will be the same. They will branch off into new locales.
Camille: will the old locales be returning?
Cosmic Andy: Some will but some won’t or will be returning but updated/changed.
Camille: for me that is a disappointment
a: oh sorry
Dan: lol
Cosmic Andy: For the new ghosts…. I’m around until 8:30PM to answer any questions and get feedback from you all to check how we are doing in August.
Pammie Sue: huggggzzzzzzzzz sis
Camille: SK was built by a different group of creators
Camille: and the locales were unique
Camille: they are a part o what made SK so special
Cosmic Andy: The returning SK is a different theme so it won’t be like the rest of the world.
Camille:  hatss a start
Camille: hahahaah
Camille: I am an SK avatar
Camille: and I need my bodies back
Camille: I am not comfy in any of these skins
Polly: hi all, sorry i’m late
a: Hugs Polly
Chime: wb
Cosmic Andy: Cookies!!!
Dan: did you bring the cookies?
Polly: yes<grin>
Spookje: Polly!
Cosmic Andy: Thank you!!
TinkerBell: I was wondering why We have so many locale People will never use here? don’t it put strain on the server?
Spookje: Spookje wants a cookie <jump>
Cosmic Andy: You will be happy when SK is open. I promise.
Camille: how much longer to I have to wait to get my bodies back
Camille: not if I havto wait until Christmas toget my bodies back
Cosmic Andy: It will be a few months sorry yes.
Camille: but I am a troll
Spookje: <stares at Andy’s cookie>
Cosmic Andy: Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?
Camille: dos thi look like a troll body?
Spookje: well you do look fantastic
Camille: danke<bow>
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: is there a que for questions?
Spookje: <munches cookie> thank you!
Pammie Sue: nothing
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: yum
Cosmic Andy: No one got my last comment lol
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: do we get milk with this??<react>
Cosmic Andy: No queue on questions…just ask
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: OK here we go again
Coal: Well they can buy cookies now, no stealing <react>
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: I still have no forum access
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: i need it to get my VIP stuffs
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: and to host and post winners
SnowTigress: Is there going to be an option to purchase 3 or 6 months instead of a whole year for subscriptions?
Coal: eep
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: I emailed you last time Andy
Polly: oops,, haha
Pammie Sue: wb andy
Dan: i dont think andy liked that question<react>
Polly: sorry andy haha
Camille: lpoosher
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: and got no response
Spookje: he really is a noob uh? <react>
Cosmic Andy: who let me do that?
Coal: welcome back Mr President!
Ocean Breezes: nice push !
Petallypoo: * checks cookie for pawn value
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: I can’t get my VIP turfs
Polly: i did, sorry
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: or my free rent
Polly: i pased u a box too fast<react>
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: or ask for support
Camille: is everything OK over there?
Lepz: ty andy
Donald: quack  enjoy
Coal: this is why I beecome an avatar at the back
Cosmic Andy: I’ve sent you ESP about your forum account.
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: I hate to be impatient but it’s pissing me off that I don’t get the benefits I pay for yanno<shrug>
Pammie Sue: lol
Camille: KK<wave>
Coal: thanks!
Kittie Kat: wow thanks, I love cookies
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: I will email you yet again
Pammie Sue: hugzzz gia
¤ çur§eÐ miniøñ ¤: ty
SnowTigress: oh ty
SnowTigress: is this sugar free?
Cosmic Andy: If you can send it now. I can check I get it. Then will help you.
Pammie Sue: do i get a cookie too ?
Cosmic Andy: Polly was the cook.
Spookje: <snicker>
Lil Dia: me to
Lil Dia: o
Lil Dia:
Lil Dia: pl
Pammie Sue: pammie sue is hungry
Lil Dia: z
Petallypoo: oh Gawd…  ef. getting pawned
Lil Dia: me too plz
Chime: Ty Andy
Coal: Polly, nice mix of choc, had some nice chunks in there
Pammie Sue: oh tyty
Yorkie: omg till
Dan: look out for the flying doors<react>
<system>: You’ve received Chocolate Chip Cookie  from Cosmic Andy.
Spookje: hahaha<react>
Giapet: cookie? please?
Yorkie: lol
Lil Dia: tyty
Pammie Sue: i cookie meal yummy
SnowTigress: So about the subscriptions? is there going to be an option to pay for 3 or 6 months instead of a whole year?
Ocean Breezes: ty Andy <wave>
a: Can someone fix my account to where its VIP instead of Standard. I went to pay for it and it won’t let me change it for some reason. Chime had helped me get it  converted to a paid account.
Cosmic Andy: Not currently but if you wanted to pay for a period in advance you can send a ticket and we can do it manually for you.
Laesea: hugss ev1
SnowTigress: thank you
Polly: hugs laesea<grin>
a: hugs.
Cosmic Andy: If you raise a ticket about sorting the account so it’s VIP. We will need to make some changes server side for you.
Cosmic Andy: Trying to get a feel for your August happiness also….how are we doing? Anything you would like to see sooner ?
Coal: Any ideas on if there will be more staff available on later hours since there is a block of time when no staff is on?
SnowTigress: fox hunts
Polly: ooh i love fox hunts
Spookje: no fox hunts please!
SnowTigress: lol
Polly: lmaooooo
Pyewacket: lol
Spookje: I hate running around
Camille: Kizza agrees with you on that
Ocean Breezes: i agree with spooks
Polly: hahaha
Yorkie: my august happiness is good
Petallypoo: What happened to post cards? I thought they were going on 2 weeks ago
Spookje: if you want to pet me just ask
Pyewacket: maybe we can hunt something else
Cosmic Andy: We are training two new people this week who will work on other shifts. Will be a few weeks until they are skilled up.
Dan: werewolfs come to mind
Petallypoo: U mean David will have a staff?
Cosmic Andy: Postcards are on the way yes,.
Coal: That is awesome news! Are you ever going to accept applications for people in world to offer up to be support staff to help also?
Cosmic Andy: Shipped from Kymer so shipping time anything from 5 days to 14 days.
Yorkie: is that 2 new iw staff, or staff in your office?
Cosmic Andy: Currently new staff are office based only.
SnowTigress: when will vip accounts or be automated?
Pammie Sue: and if we have iw issues who do we speak to ?
Cosmic Andy: It’s 2 office staff yes. David will come IW and Dennis.
Coal: Oh nice David will be in world!
Cosmic Andy: IW issues you can speak to Polly, Chime &  Dan or make a ticket.
Pammie Sue: on a schedule?
Cosmic Andy: No schedule yet.
Yorkie: is Dennis a menace?
SnowTigress: lol
Spookje: no a teaboy <react>
Pammie Sue: when they are here can they be paged?
Coal: I was just going to say that
Cosmic Andy: VIP & Standard accounts will  be automated once we remove old BETA members out.
Petallypoo: I cant wait to meet David <jump>
Cosmic Andy: Dennis is not menace lol
Dan: lol
Yorkie: oh thats good news<g>
Ocean Breezes: lol
Spookje: is it?<react>
Petallypoo: let him hang with us and he will be <grin>
SnowTigress: when can we expect to do events?
Sophia: ty
Dan: LMAO @ Floaty
Floaty McFloatface: heya Dan<grin>
Dan: <grin>
Floaty McFloatface: When can we expect more floaty things?<react>
Giapet: thank you for getting my nh stuff for me. WHat I want to know is why my nh stuff is only worth 10 tokens and DS things were closer to their original value
Cosmic Andy: Hopefully you all know that Pye is now in charge of the gaming side of things so i’ll pass you over to her for a few minutes.
Polly: yay Pyewacket<grin>
Pyewacket: Events will be coming back  we’re still working out details (slides look at Andy)
SnowTigress: hugs pye
Pyewacket: and Quests for those who enjoy them
Pyewacket: huggggz
Coal: That is awesome!
Petallypoo:  its all ur fault Andy
Pyewacket: ya he needs to read stuff
Floaty McFloatface: Looking forward to the quests!
Pyewacket: <g>
Cosmic Andy: The game dome also Pye is handling.
Petallypoo: I cant wait for that <jump>
Coal: I have a question, will they be like the old staff like Muse and Mage etc?
Ocean Breezes: game dome going to be on a limited turf basis ?
Pyewacket: yes  there will be game turfs there
SnowTigress: can you put more chocolate chips in the cookies next time please polly?
Cosmic Andy: Muse/Mage won’t come back no sorry.
Pyewacket: details will be coming soon
Kittie Kat: thanks
Coal: So hunts will be just done by current staff hiding or others involved?
Laesea:  ty<grin>
Laesea: yum
Pyewacket: (slides another look at Andy)
Ocean Breezes: when Andy reads his mail ?
Ocean Breezes: <G>
Pyewacket: the turfs are 3 room empty turfs
Pyewacket: you can deco as you like or maybe contact the TDC and see if they’d like to help <g>
Pammie Sue: how long should it take to have a problem looked into ?
Petallypoo: Turf Deco Club is great <jump>
Coal: The TDC meeting was going on during this but I had to slip over, always love the TDC!
Cosmic Andy: If it’s a ticket then it will take 24 hours Monday to Friday.
Pammie Sue: this is a super good cookie
Polly: Giapet, I can answer your question
Pammie Sue: are you available for parties ?
Cosmic Andy: It’s a big cookie for you little people
Polly: in regards to why your nh turf transferred items
Giapet: thank you’
Polly: are coming in at price 10
Pyewacket: When we have all the Game Dome details sorted there will be a post in the Kymer Observer with deails
Pammie Sue: whats tdc?
Polly:  what we brought over for you is actually an imported ‘copy’ of your stuff.
Coal: Turf Deco Club
Dan: turf deco club
Pyewacket: Turf Deco Club
Polly: youre original items are actually still there.
Polly:  since its on a diff server, like in a different land, we cant physically pick it up
Pammie Sue: aw ty
Cosmic Andy: The first member run club also which is amazing <jump>
Polly: and bring it here, so we copied, it.. By doing that, everythings defaults back to price 10.
Polly: You may also find
Polly: a few items that are just plain white or gray balls
Pammie Sue: can we put in request for a public locale ?
Yorkie: First Club was Low’s Loggers Club <g>
Giapet: i got 100’s of them
Petallypoo: We come up with ideas on how to use items for different things
Polly: . these items just need to be uploaded in here.
Polly: If you find any, plz tell us.
Pammie Sue: I’d like to see a chapel/church
Petallypoo: AND how overpriced Ur candy is Andy<frown>
Polly: We can get them fixed for you.
Giapet: they did not have a file name
Kittie Kat: I still crash, daily it’s really hard to earn the 200 big ones daily
Polly: ok, see me afterwards. I’ll have a look, ok?<grin>
Giapet: i pawned most of them.
Cosmic Andy: Worlds vert stable so apart from the daily maint you shouldn’t be crashing.
Polly: i hope that made sense
Polly: yikes
Polly: ok well, nevermind then<react>
Pammie Sue:  have the same trouble of not able to earn daily tokens
Petallypoo: I have 2 questions
Petallypoo: let me know when  i may ask
Coal: I get some TCP errors here and there
Cosmic Andy: We restart each day between 7 and 9
Pammie Sue: impossible to be able to get the 20 per hour
Cosmic Andy: Sure ask away.
Petallypoo: Ok Clothing.. Pet has been wearing  almost the same thing every other month.. She needs new clothes   When are they coming?  and why isnt Teleport Free?
Pammie Sue: good ?s
Petallypoo: Ur nickel and diming me to death here
Cosmic Andy: Some clothes you’ll see in August. But most you’ll start to see when the art program opens next month.
Petallypoo: and the TPS?
Kittie Kat: lol either free shoes or freeTeleporter
Petallypoo: free?  soon?
Petallypoo: like today
Cosmic Andy: TCP errors…if you raise a ticket we can help you run some tests to check your connection to our servers.
Dan: no TPing people poo<frown>
Coal: That is awesome on the art program opening up soon!
Petallypoo: the teleports I mean
Cosmic Andy: Teleporter not free no sorry.
Spookje: but 5T is a lot
Petallypoo: when ur making 20T an hr
Kittie Kat: yep, it’s a lot
Yorkie: agree
Cosmic Andy: Needs to be posted in the community ideas board on the forum.
Floaty McFloatface: I dont ever use the teleport, as a new user i cant justify the cost
Cosmic Andy: If enough people said it then we can review.
Spookje: this cookie is 10T <react>
Petallypoo: Ok Lets post in forum Guys <jump>
Dan: toos your cookies in the pawn machine and you can port twice<react>
Dan: *toss
Polly: lmao
Kittie Kat: rent is a killer too, for old timers, we have item collected
Cosmic Andy: lol
Polly: i think you can purchase tokens with your game vouchers, too.
SnowTigress: i’ll have to pawn my cookie to pay for tp
Pammie Sue: i accidently paid 5k for a body, can i get a refund, i am vip
Cosmic Andy: Rent prices have lowered a lot so shouldn’t be an issue unless you have lot’s.
Polly: gotta learn to read the room you’re in<shrug>
Polly: omg, she looked so much like StarMellody<sigh>
Floaty McFloatface: lol ty Spookje<bow>
Cosmic Andy: Sadly we can’t issue refunds as we have no sales records.
Kittie Kat: what happen to old Body tickets??
Spookje: now you can port arund <react>
Pammie Sue: who do i check with about finding a missing turf
Floaty McFloatface: im gonna teleport so much now
Cosmic Andy: Body tickets i updated the forum  yesterday on this to explain it.
Kittie Kat: when they are in vendo now?
Floaty McFloatface: (ive literally not used it once, no joke)
Kittie Kat: okies thanks
Coal: Lots of grey balls there
Cosmic Andy: Not all body in token vendo no sorry.
Kittie Kat: I still don’t really like to be poor in here, all of the sudden
Cosmic Andy: If you need to find a turf please raise a ticket and we can help you find the  name.
SnowTigress: 5k is a lot to pay for a body change when before we had purchased the tickets with cash
Coal: I did raise a ticket about it one time and was told it would soon be automated on the website to list turfs
Kittie Kat: and cannot afford my rents
Coal: this was from David
Cosmic Andy: Yes we are working on that but if you need to find a name before then we can help you.
Pammie Sue: is there rules for hosting posted somewhere?
Pyewacket: There is
Pyewacket: getting url
Pammie Sue: ty hun
Cosmic Andy: Kittie Kat, not sure how many turfs you have? rent was dropped a lot.
Pammie Sue: ty
Pyewacket: you can find it under Spport, then FAQ on the web pages
Pammie Sue: what about a church locale ?
Lepz: what about a harrasment and bullying policy
Pyewacket: *Support
Kittie Kat: could we maybe stuff hast posted in here, like a newspaper
Pammie Sue: I want to do bible trivia
Floaty McFloatface: I was wondering if there was a map of the current world or if there would be one day?
Dan: if you are having an issue with another member
Kittie Kat: so we can see hat is new and going on??
Cosmic Andy: Church locale post in the ideas board on the forum and we will review.
Cosmic Andy: Map is being worked on yes.
Pammie Sue: i cant access the forum
SnowTigress: map would be very helpful
Dan: please report it
Floaty McFloatface: ty Andy<bow>
Cosmic Andy: You can report a member at:
Cosmic Andy: What problem do you have trying to get in the forum?
Spookje: <going to report Andy for stealing Polly’s cookies>
Dan: she gave them up
Pyewacket: We have the Kymer Observer Kittie Kat
Dan: no stealling
Spookje: hmmhmm
Lepz: i deff will
Kittie Kat: Wow, cool Thanks
Deputy Chief Pep V.Z.P.D.: ty Andy
Kittie Kat: I never liked to use the forum, so must stuff was going on between avies
Dan: please feel free to attach pictures and text to support your report
Polly: the blog is great!
Yorkie: it is!
Cosmic Andy: Yeah Pye does an amazing job with it.
Pyewacket: <blush>
Polly: lol yes gia
Cosmic Andy: Any more questions before I head out?
Coal: Yep, I am also working on a site with different kinds of info that will be announced soon
Cosmic Andy: Great to hear that Coal
Kittie Kat: are we getting new avies in here
Kittie Kat: so far, I have not notices
Floaty McFloatface: Sorry if this was asked, will there be an accessory shop soonish (like how there is a hat shop)?
Polly: andy, giapet would like a cookie, too<grin>
Cosmic Andy: New members are joining every day yes.
Kittie Kat: noticed many new ones??
Floaty McFloatface: I joined last friday<wave>
SnowTigress: yes! accessories shop
Pammie Sue: what hat shop
Pammie Sue: ???????
Coal: Can we get a nice welcome area where they drop into so we can help welcome them
Coal: I had forgot to ask that
Laesea: ty  staff for doing a great jib and  ty andy for coming out to answer questions
Laesea:    have a good day
Coal: I would like to help welcome new people into our world
Floaty McFloatface: theres a hat shop in nH
Giapet: thank you andy
Deputy Chief Pep V.Z.P.D.: lol Floaty you always make me laugh
Dan: we are always working on new locales and shops
Pammie Sue: whers this hat shop
Floaty McFloatface: ooh floaty candy
Floaty McFloatface: NOM NOM
Polly: teleport to lakeside blvd
Pyewacket: If you teleport to Lakeside then go down 2 its there
Yorkie: go to lakeside teleporter and down 2 locales, its there
Cosmic Andy: We are not yet doing any advertising for new members so the members are joining are finding us from google or old membrs coming back but we are seeing new members every day.
Polly: go south from there
a: ok ticket sent
Floaty McFloatface: yes, i was an old member years ago
Cosmic Andy: We have a lot of things to get sorted first before we start pushing for new members.
Floaty McFloatface: i found out about vzones through my own googling
Petallypoo: Thats good Andy  cause we cant help noobs if we dont have all the resources
Floaty McFloatface: ty polly<grin>
Cosmic Andy: Look after you amazing people first is our priority right now.
Coal: I can understand that, but I would love to have a nice welcomer area where people can greet the ones who come in and may need help
Pammie Sue: is there any other iw shops
Cosmic Andy: We have a welcome area for that.
Yorkie: new candy shop<jump>
Kittie Kat: We need folks on the streets, thid place looks boring
Yorkie: thank you<bow>
Coal: Do they drop into it first thing, like where welcomers can meet them? I know the argo has an offship locale with benches but not like the old days
Coal: where they dropped into the welcomer locale first thing
Cosmic Andy: VZones is what you make it. As a member you can make it fun if you want to.
a: I agree
Kittie Kat: thanks for the meeting Andy
Deputy Chief Pep V.Z.P.D.: its NOT boring you just need guided to things
Spookje: thanks for the cookie
Pammie Sue: is there a list of all stores run by world ?
Coal: And yes thank you for having this for us!
Chime: Also there is a new VIP item added to NuYu
Cosmic Andy: It’s quite new so you might not have seen it but head down near the argo.
Pyewacket: And some of the best things (clubs and such) are member generated
Coal: I will, thank you very much!
Pammie Sue: argo ?
Coal: Where you come off the ship
Coal: you arrive on the argo
Dan: the argo is the ship that brings you into kymer
Dan: lol
Pammie Sue: i need a map
Cosmic Andy: That’s right. Members can do create clubs, groups, plan games, party etc. So much as member you can do to have fun and enjoy VZ.
Pammie Sue: my memory is for crap
Floaty McFloatface: FWIW, everyone has been very welcoming and generous, so i never really felt lost when i joined
Polly: they have a turf deco club now too
Coal: And that is what we like to hear Floaty!
Yorkie: good floaty<jump>
Coal: Yep, under riverside turfs, its named TDC
Cosmic Andy: Pye is also working on regular things which you’ll be able to enjoy on the gaming side.
Coal: the turf name that is
Deputy Chief Pep V.Z.P.D.: hmm does a club meet have to be listed on games schedule?
Pyewacket: regular things??
Chime: lol
Floaty McFloatface: sorry i think im getting candy in your hair
Dan: as oppose to irregular things<shrug>
Polly: that made me laugh<react>
Pyewacket: s’ok its purple
Cosmic Andy: We are going to clone Pye soon so twice as much fun
SnowTigress: lol
Pyewacket: <snort>
a: Is it possible to get my name changed enough times that I can use Missa on my paid account when I get it started? I attempted to do that but didn’t get too far, haha
Pyewacket: just let Pye win the lottery so she can be here more
Polly: Andy, can we change petallPoo into a chuckie doll for one day, and let her run around world with a chainsaw?
a: lol
Cosmic Andy: Chimes filling up V-Mart with building blocks so you can deco turfs. So much to do!
Petallypoo: I want my own Chucky doll
Petallypoo: I need to stab Low
Deputy Chief Pep V.Z.P.D.: Does a club meet have to be listed on games schedule?
Polly: Missa<grin><wave>
Yorkie: Oh I have a question about names. Does it mess anything up with the main on a VIP account if you change the name of your main avi?
Pyewacket: no
SnowTigress: you are your own chucky doll
a: hugs!
Polly: hugs you<jump>
Pyewacket: in fact we don’t list clubs there
SnowTigress: jk
SnowTigress: lol
Deputy Chief Pep V.Z.P.D.: yes we need the streets filled with Chuky’s running amuck
Cosmic Andy: I’m not touching pet lol. Wouldn’t say no to a small people day where everyone is the same size as pet <grin>
Dan: lol
Pyewacket: might want to think about some way to list them tho
Petallypoo: u can all Bite Me <grin>
Polly: yeah, maybe a blog listing?
SnowTigress: some might like that
Polly: you would need to submit it
Pyewacket: those scroll off maybe a FAQ
Dan: a page in teh observer <react>
SnowTigress: but a mini me day would be fun
Dan: the
Polly: little people event weekend
Cosmic Andy:  yeah i like it lol
Pyewacket: a member site FAQ page would be good too
Coal: Tiny Weekend
Spookje: its better then a foxhunt.
Polly: lmaoo
Floaty McFloatface: i wish meetings in the real world worked like this. Show up and receive candy
Cosmic Andy: Tiny Weekend yep that is cool
Coal: Find the little person
Dan: lmao
Dan: thats how lil people disappear
Ocean Breezes: the hosting guidelines were on the page – are they going to be linked back there ?
Dan: show up and receive candy
Floaty McFloatface: <react><react>
Stella2: we had a day one time when everyone came dressed as someone else.was halarious
Coal: Get peopole all hyper lol
Spookje: meetings are about cookies, right?
a: I take that as a no? lol <react>
Pyewacket: speaking of the blog, if any of you have an idea for a story or have written something with screenshots you can send to
Cosmic Andy: Pet can be the head for the day
Spookje: nooo
Cosmic Andy: noo?
Spookje: i will skip that weekend
Cosmic Andy: lol
Spookje: <munches on cookie>
Pyewacket: give us “the face” Poo
Floaty McFloatface: Poo hates my balloon. How can we change her mind?
Cosmic Andy: Just make a rule that she can’t do anything to your balloon
Coal: You can float into her heart
Floaty McFloatface: haha
Spookje: repaint it?
Pammie Sue: paint it woth her fav color
Pammie Sue: with
Dan: fill it with chucky dolls
Petallypoo: I jsut hate it at games.. It takes up too much room
Spookje: there you have it, stay away fom games <g>
Yorkie: he always tries to float at the back or the side though
Floaty McFloatface: thats for added challenge
Coal: Welcome Tigerlily!
Tigerlily: Hugs all
Petallypoo: hes been good lately
Coal: this is the woman to talk to for the Turf Deco Club stuff!
Petallypoo: I havent felt like stabbing in him a while
Floaty McFloatface: oh phew<jump>
Deputy Chief Pep V.Z.P.D.: except he floated threu the game the other day-I found that quite funny
Chime: Hugs Tigerlily
Petallypoo: Yes Tigerlily <jump>
Tigerlily: Turf tour later today, Maijas!
Tigerlily: Hugs all
Cosmic Andy: Big thanks to all the staff for all they do….i’ll be heading out shortly so any last minute questions?
Yorkie: Does it mess anything up with the main on a VIP account if you change the name of your main avi?
Floaty McFloatface: ty Andy<bow> nice to meet you
Spookje: will we have cookies next meeting also?
Cosmic Andy: No name change is fine on VIP
Yorkie: thank you
Tigerlily: sorry a, Im right on you
Pammie Sue: taco bell yummy
Kittie Kat: lol..I just read rent was dropped, but I have 5 shops and huge storages
a: its ok
a: lol
Cosmic Andy: Shop rents are free.
Kittie Kat: newbie here
Tigerlily: Oh thanks Polly
Kittie Kat: really Andy, cool
Tigerlily: we just talked about how to use the candy in Deco!
Lil Dia: poo
SnowTigress: pizza
Cosmic Andy: If it’s a shop and listed in the forums shop page yes we will pay the rent for you.
Chime: ty!
Coal: That is awesome Andy
Tigerlily: List your shops in the forums KK
Kittie Kat:  wow cool, thanks whaat a relieve for me
Pyewacket: should make shop page FAQ too
Coal: That seems like a good idea
Cosmic Andy: Yeah Pye we need to add that.
Ocean Breezes: there is a web page for shops
Ocean Breezes: Dia has one
Pammie Sue: can i get the url dia
Kittie Kat: Ialso have avery nice turfs whereI have stars for avies which are not with us any more, some staff is in there too
Dan: so shops, links & club meetings pye<react>
Kittie Kat: we often forget
Cosmic Andy: ok heading out all.
Ocean Breezes: can we link hosting rules back on
Coal: See you Andy
Cosmic Andy: Thank you all for coming
Yorkie: Bye Andy<wave>
Polly: thanks for being here, andy<grin>
Coal: Thanks for the candy
Chime: Hugs Any
Chime: Andy*
SnowTigress: ty for cookie
Pammie Sue: ty andy for the info
Pyewacket: hosting rules are there
a: Hugs, have a great day
Cosmic Andy: Remember ideas post in the forum and we will see them. May not be instant act but they will be seen.
Kittie Kat: thankers for the meeting, Andy
SnowTigress: thanks for answering all the questions
Cosmic Andy: You are welcome
Ocean Breezes: did you just put them back ? I looked for them yesterday
Polly: hugs<grin><wave>
Kittie Kat: communication is very important for all of us
Chime: Hugs everyone
Chime: <wave>
Pyewacket: Under Support/FAQ
SnowTigress: ty
Ocean Breezes: ooo was looking for them under games
SnowTigress: if i stay i might want to go back to hosting after i get job situation straightened out
Kittie Kat: thanks Staff you guys are working very hard
Tigerlily: Club rent is being paid?
SnowTigress: hugs all
Kittie Kat: I feel for you
Pyewacket: most info stuff will be in the FAQ
Tigerlily: oops I just paid 5K for ours
Pyewacket: and we’ll be adding more IW info there
Coal: Well, we can use it on our new turf TL
Pyewacket: made work for myself
Ocean Breezes: ks <bow> ty so much
Pyewacket: yw
Tigerlily: who pays it?
Floaty McFloatface: yes ty
Pyewacket: huggggz all
Polly: last out does the cleanup<react>
Tigerlily: I just paid it, so hook me up!
<system>: Entering Locale: Lakeside Park

Meeting With Cosmic Andy – August 19

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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  1. Thanks for publishing this, Pye, and thanks Dia for the text! I enjoy attending the meetings with Andy, or reading the text when I cannot go. Almost everything I read about the meetings is so good — but I have to say, I want to cry when I read statements like, Muses and Mages wont be returning, sorry.
    They were a long time, beloved group, and added so much to the unique fabric that is Dreamscape. Its like a gut punch every time. =(

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