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The Votes Are In

Below is a highly edited transcript of the meeting/vote about the door turfs. Andy also answered some questions after the vote. No comments have been changed, we just edited out most of the chatter to make it easier to get the actual info given.

4:58:26 PM | Cosmic Andy: Will start in 3 minutes. Very quick meeting just for us all to vote.
5:01:08 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: Nice hat Andy
5:01:13 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: I think
5:01:18 PM | Cosmic Andy: It’s a big hat
5:01:24 PM | Cosmic Andy: I like it

5:01:55 PM | Cosmic Andy: Lets get started <grin>
5:02:19 PM | Cosmic Andy: Thank you all for coming.
5:03:06 PM | Cosmic Andy: Can we all give a big thanks to Bill, Polly, Chime and Dan for everything they are doing every day.

(Many thanks extended to Bill, Polly, Chime and Dan)

5:03:40 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: It’s our pleasure
5:04:12 PM | Cosmic Andy: Everyone thanks me a lot but they do so much in the background!

5:05:15 PM | Cosmic Andy: Ok to quickly go over the crashing we had.
5:06:15 PM | Cosmic Andy: This was linked to some new code we added for the free chat players. Bills in the process of sorting it so that won’t happen again.
5:06:52 PM | Cosmic Andy: We are always working on anything that can cause crashing and we are working with years and years of data in the database.

5:06:52 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: finger crossed

5:07:29 PM | Cosmic Andy: During past ownership they sold Door Turfs and doors which allowed people to take short cuts to all sorts of places.
5:08:16 PM | Cosmic Andy: We have a risk that someone can go through one of these doors in a turf and it takes them to a place that that could crash.
5:08:58 PM | Cosmic Andy: The only solution to totally rule this out as being a possible cause of server crashing is to remove all custom doors in one go.
5:09:45 PM | Cosmic Andy: We can and Bills done a lot of amazing work in the past to fix areas that could cause a crash we can’t fix every possible thing until a crash happens.
5:09:55 PM | Cosmic Andy: So we have two options…

5:10:11 PM | Cosmic Andy: 1) Remove all doors. Problem is solved 100%. No risk of this causing a crash in the future.
5:11:11 PM | Cosmic Andy: The downside to #1 is people with Door Turfs won’t have them. We can work with you on this on one to one basis if needed.
5:11:43 PM | Cosmic Andy: The downside #2 is that it will cause crashes. It may not be this week or this month but it will cause crashes and it won’t be a quick fix.
5:12:20 PM | Cosmic Andy: We want to get to 100% stability so by doing #1 it’s ticking something off the list which gets us one step more towards that goal.

5:12:51 PM | Cosmic Andy: To confirm the last few crashes were not caused by doors that is correct.
5:13:17 PM | Cosmic Andy: In the past a lot of crashes have been caused by doors.
5:14:18 PM | Cosmic Andy: It’s also the unknown and waiting for someone to walk through an old door which then causes a crash. We are trying to stop all crashing so if we don’t do #1 we will see crashing and it will take us longer to get to the point of being stable.
5:14:41 PM | Cosmic Andy: So to confirm removing the doors is not the answer to solve all crashing. It’s only 1 fix of many we need to do.
5:15:33 PM | Cosmic Andy: Stable world is the most important feature we need. Bills none stop on it.
5:16:15 PM | Cosmic Andy: Doors have caused crashing in the past. Bills fixed a lot around it but thats the issue. We wait for the crash. We fix or try to fix. It’s never ending.
5:16:36 PM | Cosmic Andy: So by doing #1 we solve it right away and reduce the number of crashes in the future.

5:16:52 PM | Cosmic Andy: Shortly i’ll ask everyone to ghost.
5:17:13 PM | Cosmic Andy: Then unghost for each option and we will do a count.
5:19:00 PM | Cosmic Andy: Ok lets start the vote.
5:19:50 PM | Cosmic Andy: Chime you didn’t need to <grin>
5:20:05 PM | Chime: you said everyone<shrug>

5:20:11 PM | Cosmic Andy: Everyone who votes #1 please come down

At this point a bit of chaos ensued. When everyone who wanted to vote #1 came down things got a bit, err, odd to say the least. Lots of lagging some pushing and poofing. (Sorry Andy I gotta report what I see LOL)

5:29:26 PM | Cosmic Andy: Do we all get a prize for the surviving the biggest lag ever?
5:29:47 PM | Cosmic Andy: change of plan
5:29:57 PM | Cosmic Andy: Please ESP Cosmic Andy vote#1 or vote#2
5:31:38 PM | Cosmic Andy: #1 = remove door connections #2 = keep door connections

5:33:33 PM | Cosmic Andy: #1 56 Votes
5:33:38 PM | Cosmic Andy: #2 6 Votes

5:34:52 PM | Cosmic Andy: #1 – 62 Votes
5:35:08 PM | Cosmic Andy: #2 – 12 Votes

5:35:23 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: I vote for Pizza
5:35:39 PM | Chime: Oh I want pizza too
5:35:44 PM | Cosmic Andy: Pizza shop in NH

5:36:42 PM | Cosmic Andy: Any more votes before I close it? I’ll then be around for questions.

5:37:21 PM | Cosmic Andy: 63 for #1
5:37:37 PM | Cosmic Andy: 12 for #2

5:38:29 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: We have to get some carpenters in
5:38:50 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: or a guy with a big hammer

5:38:50 PM | Cosmic Andy: I’ll close it at 64 for #1 and 12 for #2. Thank you all for helping.

After the vote Andy stayed to answer questions.

5:39:39 PM | Gracie: Is it the doors that are linked to one another that are causing the problem?
5:39:44 PM | Cosmic Andy: It’s one of many issues. it’s not “the” issue.
5:40:43 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: Just to be clear we are talking about door in a turf that take you outside of the turf

5:41:27 PM | Cosmic Andy: These were paid for and given away under the last ownership. Not something we have offered or will ever offer.
5:42:40 PM | Cosmic Andy: We are not adding these doors to VIP AW Homes.

5:42:56 PM | SeaWillow: I have two Door turf central locations. Would be lose the turf itself, or would we have time to clear them out?
5:43:38 PM | Cosmic Andy: You would keep the turf yes.
5:43:48 PM | Cosmic Andy: It’s just the door connections outside the turf that will be removed.
5:44:09 PM | Polly: its those little houses and doors, and graveyards etc.
5:44:14 PM | Polly: those little things

5:47:50 PM | Lambchop: The crashed didnt start until those locales were found.
5:48:32 PM | Cosmic Andy: Not really on the vmart locales. This was a problem for months back but we decided to keep the doors and try to manage it but looking further into we decided it was too much of a mess to try and manage when the goal for us is to make the world stable.
5:49:03 PM | Cosmic Andy: The last lot of crashing was not caused by doors/locales.
5:49:03 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: Some doord link to non existant laocles or even old locales that have been used for a different purpose
5:49:58 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: Some doors link to backstage area that only staff should access
5:50:08 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: It’s a mess
5:50:48 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: I will do a database sweep and delete the lot in one go

5:51:26 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: We want you to be involved and undersatnd what we think needs to be done

5:52:32 PM | Cosmic Andy: With an online system we can do more votes in the future.

5:52:47 PM | Coal: I feel you guys have done a lot to make this world a stable and workable world for 2018, something many of us never thought would happen, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

5:53:08 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: Thank Coal

5:54:22 PM | Cosmic Andy: We will post in the forums when it’s going to be done yes.

6:01:39 PM | Coal: This was a place that no one else could replace because it was literally the first. It has a feeling you cannot find or get anywhere else and it gives you a part of history while bringing future joy with powerful and generous people behind the scenes

6:05:09 PM | Darksider ~VBB~: the other day you asked me to email when my acct got sorted … i don’t think that is going to happen
6:05:14 PM | Cosmic Andy: Yeah he is picking things up now and i’m working on training another guy up now to cover.

6:05:50 PM | Cosmic Andy: Every single email is replied to within 24 hours so if he has emailed we will have already replied. He can read the replies at

6:05:50 PM | Tigerlily: Does David come inworld? It might help him to understand us
6:06:53 PM | Cosmic Andy: Not IW yet no. I’m keeping him out so he can focus on the tickets and forums.

6:08:43 PM | Kizza: We have a couple of broken links on the paths in the jungle
6:08:53 PM | Kizza: and they are causing all kinds of issues
6:09:09 PM | Kizza: can we get those fixed?
6:09:21 PM | Kizza: mainly so the new people won’t hate the jungle so much
6:09:53 PM | Cosmic Andy: Jungle paths we will look into.

6:10:22 PM | Lambchop: Andy, not to really get off conversation of the doors but, are there many new avatars currently joining the world? If so are you planning on having greeters to help them the first few hours of their entrance? (Maybe gift ? Just asking…
6:11:49 PM | Cosmic Andy: We are seeing some new members each week yes. We are not going to do any kind of push on getting new members until we have got a lot of things out of the way for the current members. Aiming for the end of August.

6:14:05 PM | Cosmic Andy: Event weekends will come back but few months away yet while we get everything running smooth.

6:14:21 PM | Lambchop: Ummm… question on doors again. The previous owners had events were you had to find a hidden door and prizes were hidden in the doors… so if we delete all those doors then we wont be able to have this type of event in the future?

6:14:40 PM | Cosmic Andy: Question from before that I missed….Welcome center has already opened with a place you can go and sit to wait for new people to come in
6:15:11 PM | Lambchop: I love that area Welcome Center… I was there last night.
6:16:03 PM | Cosmic Andy: Good place to hang out and keep an eye out for new people coming in
6:16:03 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: Hint
6:16:08 PM | Cosmic Andy: haha thanks bill

6:16:34 PM | K1TT1: Also, and I don’t want to cause a riot with this question but turf t’s I had about 300k and have not yet received a credit card for those all of which were gained during beta
6:17:27 PM | Cosmic Andy: Ok. Please contact Polly/Chime and they can issue with a credit card.

6:18:06 PM | Cosmic Andy: Time for me to head out….any last questions before I go?

6:18:27 PM | Lambchop: about events with hidden doors to prizes
6:18:33 PM | Lambchop: guess they will be no more right?
6:18:33 PM | Cosmic Andy: Events finding doors won’t be possible no sorry.

6:18:27 PM | Tigerlily: The new pieces of AW for VIP?
6:18:56 PM | Cosmic Andy: VIP members will get 2 AW items this month yes.
6:19:14 PM | Bill The Galactic Hero: g’night all <wave>

6:19:37 PM | Cosmic Andy: No fixed date on prize shop items being changed. It’s random.

6:20:21 PM | Tigerlily: Im ready for Paint Tutorials to go live! Very exciting
6:20:33 PM | Cosmic Andy: Will be this week on the paint tutorials.

6:22:27 PM | Cosmic Andy: Mushroom turfs if you already own one will be accessed via TST elevator 3 only.
6:22:39 PM | Carly: ok when can i see them again plz?
6:22:45 PM | Carly: i own at least 2
6:22:58 PM | Cosmic Andy: Not sure yet but will aim for August.

6:24:17 PM | Cosmic Andy: Thank you all

Before he left, Bill made sure we left the meeting room clean and tidy. LOL

The Votes Are In

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