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Town Meeting May 2018

We will be hosting a town meeting on Saturday 26th May at 9PM WA to discuss the following topics:

– BETA Ending
– Token / Currency Changes
– NH Turfs / Avatars
– MW Item Compensation
– Game Voucher Switch Over
– New Exciting Features
– After BETA Plans

Meeting Notes:

Oracle Vaserius: Everyone will ghost while Cosmic goes over a topic. Then anyone with questions on that topic can come down.
Styx: lol
tiny tabby: not until
PetMePlease: I hope we’re all ghosted
Styx: same
Gracie: yes, hope so
PetMePlease: Yes<jump>
Oracle Vaserius: So bit of up and down for you
Styx: there just gnnna ghost petme
Styx: <react>
tiny tabby: oi i don’t even WANT to know WHY it’s a big deal to be or not to be ghosted…<shakes head>
SifuJJ: no pushing yet….bummer
Gracie: Yes<jump>
Peach Toadstool: (((hugs)))
Jippo: dang
tiny tabby: pick ur fuckn battles
SifuJJ: hiya Peach
SifuJJ: *checks pocket for bar of soap*
Carly: huggs sissy<bow> and all<grin>
Rainlily: huggs sis
tiny tabby: LOL u better have some damn good soap<react><react>
Magie: hugs carly
Darksider Pep: huggies!!
tiny tabby: huggggies sissy<jump><jump>
Styx: huggs sissy carly
beannie: Irish Spring **!**
Lola Showgirl: why u say
Carly: huggs you fun peeps<wave>
tiny tabby: tiny butt has NO FILTER in fact tabz is the ONLY one who watches her mouth LOL
beannie: Hugs Carly <wave>
Lola Showgirl: last time was a nightmare to read all the info
Styx: lies
Styx: LOL
Lola Showgirl: thats why
Dark Matilda: Why hello there, dears and darlings! <Hugs>
Styx: tabsis the worse
Styx: <react>
beannie: Hugs <wave> Dark Matilda
tiny tabby: LOL do’nt let her hear u say thaat
Styx: LOL
tiny tabby: huggggggggies peach n DM<jump><jump>
LowRider: im going to go ahead and ghost
Lola Showgirl: not all of us are gifted with great eyesight
PetMePlease: Gonna ghost..
beannie: Hugs Tuli <wave>
LowRider: hugsss to everyone
Carly: still dancing to the funky tunes lol
Lola Showgirl: i just want the information
Styx: SISTA!1
Tuli: didnt want to cover you BOS
Lola Showgirl: not all the interjections
SifuJJ: gonna be polite and ghost myself so I don’t get force ghosted by TPTB
SifuJJ: <wave>
tiny tabby: i’m not either i’m just waiting for a battle…a real one
BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL: I haven’t been in much
Styx: lmfao
Darksider Pep: ugggg pls no drama
Styx: come battle me
BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL: so, covered up or not, practically the same
Styx: ol
Tuli: lol
Styx: ol
Styx: lol
tiny tabby: lmfao omfg
Dia: huggs all
beannie: Hugs <wave> Dia
Dia: very cute polly
tiny tabby: people….don’t have to be FORCE ghosted….
Tuli: nice look too
Tuli: must be the blue
tiny tabby: all they will do is ask
Tuli: vw
BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL: brings out my eyes
Magie: hugs Polly
beannie: Hugs Polly <wave>
tiny tabby: POLLY WOGGLES<jump><jump><jump>
Oracle Vaserius: Polly <wave>
Polly: hugs you all<grin><wave>
Magie: <grin><wave>
Tuli: hugs
Polly: lmao<react>
beannie: Hugs Blake <wave>
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: hugs polly
tiny tabby: lol
Styx: there
Styx: etter
beannie: Hugs Karianna <wave>
Styx: better
Blake: helloooo beautiful people
tiny tabby: hugggggggggggies anyone i misseded<jump><jump><jump>
Styx: now kiss me
Styx: lol
beannie: Hugs <wave> MD
tiny tabby: btw
Karianna: Huggss all
Polly: hugs pye and RBC and pet, too<grin>
tiny tabby: gimme my fkn whiskers
Suteruni: hugs all, happy meeting <wave>
beannie: that was nice
Karianna: Good to see you Vas
Styx: umm
beannie: Hugs BTGH <wave>
Blake: Oh, my mummy is here
tiny tabby: huggggggies bill***
Oracle Vaserius: <bow>
beannie: Hugs <wave> Mrs DoubleBull
Bill The Galactic Hero: Hita TT
Bill The Galactic Hero: Hiya even
tiny tabby: still want my whiskers no matterhow much u kiss me
Catolyte M. Melinda: Ohh almost forgot haha
Snoopy: dont step on mouse
Dia: does a little want my seat
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hiyas!
beannie: Hugs <wave> Melinda
tiny tabby: ROFL
tiny tabby: BILL?
Magie: hugs cou
Oracle Vaserius: Going to round everyone up
tiny tabby: OOOO TY TY
beannie: Hugs Thali <wave>
Styx: put em on now
tiny tabby: I DID
tiny tabby: lol
Styx: good girl
beannie: hugs skyeE<wave>
Styx: lol
tiny tabby: bossy lil shit
skyeE hugerzz <jump>
Spookie: <peeeks under skirt>
skyeE evening every one
Catolyte M. Melinda: Huggs
Styx: only take after you
Tuli: hugs
JavaBean: Cant Touch This
tiny tabby: ooooooo
Dia: carly, cou, thali, spookje…one of you want my seat
Catolyte M. Melinda: No excessive pushing please.. crashes mobile
Polly: probably ghost, when he’s ready<grin>
tiny tabby: break it down<react>
skyeE kk
tiny tabby: ty pollywoggles
Polly: until then, we might as well all dance<grin>
Catolyte M. Melinda: Normally I don’t care :-p
Carly: huggsss wobsi<jump><jump><jump><jump><grin>
tiny tabby: i am to cant’ touch this<jump><react>
Thali: can’t touch this
Styx: oh wow pollys in pink
Spookie: I’m going to follow meeting from the clouds
Spookie: huggs
tiny tabby: all my peeps<jump><jump><jump>
Thali: ?<react><jump><present><react><shrug><react><jump><present><shrug><react><shrug><react><shrug><shrug><shrug><react><present><jump><react><shrug><jump><react><shrug><bow><react><shrug><react><jump><react>
skyeE ahaha
Styx: hows choc milk?
skyeE lmbo
Styx: lol
tiny tabby: i’m blocked again
beannie: waderz <bow> Respect
tiny tabby: i have water and grape juice
Karianna: huggss Wade
beannie: scooch a little forward
tiny tabby: PUDDY TAT<jump><jump>
Darksider Pep: a weeb cab stand in front of me
beannie: cha cha cha <jump>
Darksider Pep: can*
SylvesterCat: Low dork
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hhmpth
Styx: ppl need to stop pushing its rude
skyeE special bus stop
~VBB~: huggs all
Magie: hugs
Darksider Pep: bunni come down
Catolyte M. Melinda: Don’t normally care but when it is non-stop poof goes mobile
JavaBean: Hammer Time
Snoopy: no eating mose
tiny tabby: specially since people asked nicely not to due to crashing
Snoopy: i just bones
Snoopy: mouse
tiny tabby: syl?
tiny tabby: fry up the mouse i’ll half himm wiff u
Lola Showgirl: I am behind u
skyeE w00t w00t
tiny tabby: lol
Darksider Pep: lol Bunni u behind me
Lola Showgirl: yes
StrayKat: Good lord n butter
Catolyte M. Melinda: 9pm or? Didn’t see time of meeting
StrayKat: Ahoy hoi<wave>
Waderz: rotten porkbutt
StrayKat: Hahah
StrayKat: Sam the ham
Darksider Pep: drer
Darksider Pep: dere*
Karianna: 9pm…they will start in 3 min
Polly: Gimme a V
Catolyte M. Melinda: Okie
Magie: V
Snoopy: is havvy here?
StrayKat: Roman 5?
Polly: no one wants to play<react>
SylvesterCat: V
Brittany of Narnia: v
Puckernutz: where’s mah sissy
Magie: V
StrayKat: I have no B on my KB<shrug>
SylvesterCat: ginnie a Z
StrayKat: See?
Bill The Galactic Hero: Gimme an F
Darksider Pep: behind Bunni
StrayKat: ;b
Magie: Z
SylvesterCat: Gimmie
Brittany of Narnia: f
Tuli: z
tiny tabby: F
Styx: z
Darksider Pep: lol
Styx: f
Styx: lol
tiny tabby: GIMME A U
Catolyte M. Melinda: Q
Waderz: Gimmie a U
Brittany of Narnia: u
SylvesterCat: U
Styx: u
Bill The Galactic Hero: Gimme a C
Styx: LOL
SylvesterCat: C
Magie: U
Catolyte M. Melinda: X
Petallypoo: maybe close umbrella for pic
tiny tabby: rofl
Brittany of Narnia: c
Tuli: Andyyyyyyyy
Dia: huggggs
Petallypoo: Please
Magie: C
tiny tabby: GIMME A K
Karianna: silly people
Brittany of Narnia: k
StrayKat: okie dokie
SylvesterCat: K
Cou: I’m peeping between andys knees
Petallypoo: TY <grin>
StrayKat: Case closed
Polly: hi Andy<grin>
tiny tabby: WOT DOES IT SPELL?
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hiya Andy
StrayKat: <react>
tiny tabby: fun <grin>
skyeE huggerzzzzzzzz Andy
StrayKat: Welcome n stuff
Cosmic Andy: <wave> Amazing to see you all
Karianna: Huggss Andy <bow>
Darksider Pep: *licks Andy’s elbow*
VeganCodeMonkey: Gimme a million dollars and a maid!
Bill The Galactic Hero: anything up there Cou?
Brat: sounds Naughty
Chime: Hugs Andy
StrayKat: We were all summoned..what ya mean?<shrug>
StrayKat: <react>
Cosmic Andy: No need to follow me I’m not going anywhere lol
Cou: I can only see the back of his knees
Thali: allo Andy
tiny tabby: hugggggggggggies andy and booful chime<jump><jump>
Magie: lol
Cosmic Andy: Cou i’m standing on you
Polly: stalkers<react>
Cosmic Andy: Sorry
Waderz: <checks watch>
StrayKat: right?
Darksider Pep: she’s peepin
Cou: lol, it was fine, i was peepin
StrayKat: I locked Ziggy in the turf when he was not looking<react>
VeganCodeMonkey: Storm blowing through
Cou: there have your spot back andy
StrayKat: I am free to roam now<jump>
Bill The Galactic Hero: Andy has a spotting back?
Cosmic Andy: Thank you all for coming
Waderz: oh, so hes back on weekend lockdown
Styx: YW
StrayKat: <react>
tiny tabby: np <jump><jump>
skyeE <react><react>
tiny tabby: jesus f’real?
Cosmic Andy: Meeting should last around 30 minutes. Little different to last time and when I start i’ll ask you all to ghost.
LowRider: hi andy
iMag: so good to be here!!
SylvesterCat: ok
Darksider Pep: groovy
Ziggy StarDust: OI
Styx: ok ppl yu heard the boss ghst
Ziggy StarDust: oh hai
Cosmic Andy: I’ll then go over a topic and when finished we will arrange for you to come down and ask questions only related to the topic discussed.
LowRider: take another pic… i finally found a spot lol
Polly: Everyone, plz Ghost now, thanks
Cosmic Andy: At the very end i’ll be around for as long as you need to answer any other questions if they were not covered already.
tiny tabby: this is where you DON’T get force ghosted lmfao
iMag: hugs all
Polly: BOS<grin>
Polly: you too<grin>
tiny tabby: NOW that we hve the dead sexy people down let’s get this party started<jump><jump>
Polly: thanks everyone<grin>
Bill The Galactic Hero: lol
Cosmic Andy: Firstly can we all ESP bomb these 3 people > and thank them for all the amazing work.
Polly: 105 ghosts
Bill The Galactic Hero: lol
Styx: and dan <react>
Bill The Galactic Hero: Thanks all
Polly: oh boy, white out<grin>
Chime: Thank you Ghosties it’s my pleasure
Polly: <grin><bow> its our pleasure<grin>
Cosmic Andy: Dan and all the other behind the scenes people who are helping make VZones.
Chime: lol
Chime: esp bombs
Cosmic Andy: I’ll start with the biggest topic first.
Cosmic Andy: We have don’t a lot of work over the past 12 months to get us where we are now.
Cosmic Andy: We have a LOT more work to do which really is a never ending job.
Cosmic Andy: The most important issue we wanted to resolve was making the world stable.
Bill The Galactic Hero: So we could put horses in it
Bill The Galactic Hero: stable – geddit?
Bill The Galactic Hero: lol
Cosmic Andy: We now feel we are at that point where the major issues have been fixed and we have a much cleaner DB. Still always work to do on this but we have everything setup now to be reliable and support mass of new users.
Polly: lol yes
Cosmic Andy: So for that reason BETA will end.
Cosmic Andy: Starting from 1st of June we will be out of BETA and moved over subscription.
Styx: sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
Ziggy StarDust: Let me say first WOOT here<react>
Cosmic Andy: In the final topic I’ll go over what the plans are post BETA.
Snoopy: awesome sauce
Polly: yay<grin>
Cosmic Andy: For now i’ll take questions related to this topic only.
Polly: only if u have a question, plz unghost
Styx: prices?
Petite Sarah: How $$$
Petite Sarah: best me to it
Snoopy: pet acconts?
Petite Sarah: Beat*
Snoopy: accounts*
Cosmic Andy: We have 3 packages. Specs to be fully confirmed in the next few days but similar to the last meeting. Free accounts with limited ability, $15 standard account and $35 premium account. Discounts for paying yearly.
Brittany of Narnia: how much is for 2 avater for a account
tiny tabby: 4avies price?
Snoopy: will there be pet avatars
Polly: come down cecebella<grin>
Catolyte M. Melinda: $35?? Wow. That’s up another 10. More decided to be included?
Cosmic Andy: The $15/month plan should be including two avatars and will be confirmed this week. Additional avatars can be added for around $7.50. VIP account supports between 4 and 8.
Catolyte M. Melinda: I know $25 was stated before on the “premium ”
Cosmic Andy: The VIP account is a special account and not for everyone.
CeCeBella: Is Pay PAl our only way to payy and can we pay for more then one month at a time?
Cosmic Andy: Everything you have now is available on the standard $15 account.
Petallypoo: So for what I have now.. 2 avies that can do everything in here it will be $30? Correct? cause i dont need more than that and can I get a discount if I pay that yearly ?
Petite Sarah: What is a vip act?
Cosmic Andy: PayPal currently only method. Direct card payments will follow in a few weeks.
Cosmic Andy: Pet accounts not currently. These will be re developed with new art and features later this year.
pepper pot: doe that mean I will vaNISH
pepper pot: UIN A PUFF OF SMOKE
JohnJ: how long do we have to get the Paypal payment made ?
pepper pot: ?
Rodeo bad chick: what is the vip account
pepper pot: gONE WITH THE WIND?
Cosmic Andy: Members who already have a pet account we will sort something for you.
pepper pot: damnit
pepper pot: Wade
pepper pot: stop that
Polly: great news for that<grin>
Snoopy: aww nme too
Dizzy: who do I set my pp acct to pay ?
Waderz: is there some document that explains everything, in detail
Cosmic Andy: If you would like to see the account specs please see specs may change over the next few days and will not be final until BETA ends.
Snoopy: pepper
Snoopy: we can stay
Styx: who will get the prem beneifits on the premium account?
Polly: theres alot of account information on that link
pepper pot: <grin>
pepper pot: ok
Polly: could answer most of your concerns
Snoopy: smooches
Cosmic Andy: On the VIP account only the main avatar gets all the VIP benefits. The others are ALTs.
pepper pot: <grin>hugs
Styx: ok thank you
Petite Sarah: What are the vip benefits?
Karianna: Will hosts be given a discount for which plan?
Polly: my friend sarah<grin>
Rainlily: will we be able to use our body tickets?
Cosmic Andy: Something to think about is the FREE account. This works REALLY well via the website and makes an ideal option if you want an ALT to walk around, talk etc.
tiny tabby: umm no
Cosmic Andy: VIP members can select from all bodies that we have available at no extra cost and can change anytime via vendo. If you own an old AW body and on standard account then you’ll still be able to change it.
Cosmic Andy: The free accounts are designed for chat only. You can’t earn tokens, use turfs, vendos or ATMs.
Catolyte M. Melinda: Hopefully all the details of the VIP will be explained. There’s a lot of new stuff even as a member for 23 years I’ve never heard of 🙂 like XP etc
Polly: click me to get written information on accounts.
Waderz: if you have a std account, can it be changed to a vip account, abd vip to std?
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
Bill The Galactic Hero: Only one down at a time please
Cosmic Andy: You can switch between accounts yes. You get benefits from staying on a VIP account for longer periods.
Carly: can we please keep our existing pet accounts? and can that count as 2nd avie?
Carly: had my cat since they firsts came out<grin>
Cosmic Andy: If you have a pet account you can keep it yes. However you won’t be able to earn tokens on it.
Carly: awwwwww bummer
Ti Ti Mi Mi: Do we need to pay on June 1st to keep our existing account?
Cosmic Andy: 1st of June we are moving to paying yes. If you have an issue paying or need to pay later on we can help you.
Stella: Who do we have paypal send monies to please?
Cosmic Andy: We won’t remove any accounts unless told that you don’t want it.
Cosmic Andy: You’ll be able to signup via the website. It’s all managed via the site.
Dia: can the same pp account pay for two accounts?
Cosmic Andy: Yes it can.
Dia: thank you
Dizzy: whats $15 , $35 in ££s
Dizzy: i know the rate varies
Bill The Galactic Hero: 1$ = 75p
Dizzy: kk ty
Cosmic Andy: You don’t paypal direct. It’s done via the vzones website. From 1st of June you will be able to register and setup an account.
L’AD: what does it mean 4 Multi avies or 8 single
Cosmic Andy: On the VIP account you can have 4 avatars all logged in at once or you can have 8 but you can only log them in one at a time.
L’AD: ok ty
SifuJJ: so on the premium accounts….only the initial avatar is able to collect tokens for being IW?
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
Cosmic Andy: Correct yes.
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
SifuJJ: or each?
SifuJJ: ok, thank you <bow>
Stella: You mean the web site with the schedule on???
Rodeo bad chick: what is the discount for paying annually
Cosmic Andy: On yes.
Brittany of Narnia: 14.99 is for 2 avatar Right ?
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
<system>: Entering Locale: Temple St. Terrace Entrance
Cosmic Andy: Paying yearly saves 2 months.
tiny tabby: okies
Dia: one more q….what is “standing space”
tiny tabby: bring it on<jump><jump>
Rodeo bad chick: ty
Cosmic Andy: $14.99 standard plan yes.
SylvesterCat: can You use a Debit card?
Styx: how much is yearly for prem?
Cosmic Andy: It’s PayPal currently so they accept debit and credit.
Cosmic Andy: $149.99 yearly
Karianna: and bank accounts
Waderz: does this only start on 6-1, or can we open the new accounts next week
Petallypoo: and auto pay will be set up? I dont wanna have to worry about that
Styx: grr net lol
Cosmic Andy: Auto pay can be setup when you register online yes.
Nem: The account I am on now, will just be converted to a paid one, correct?
Cosmic Andy: Won’t be able to do before then no sorry. (Might change but currently no)
Cosmic Andy: Current accounts yes will be changed over to paid.
Styx: what happen we dont use pp??
Tuli: best get it
Styx: no
iMag: Is the $149.99 yearly for the price for VIP account
iMag: ?
Styx: thanks
Cosmic Andy: If you don’t have PP then we can arrange payment another way via contacting support but will be limited on the number of people we can do it for. Card payments will follow in 2 weeks
Nem: Setting up a PP account is not a big deal…is quick to do
mir: will the people waitimg to come e ale to get a accout
Cosmic Andy: PayPal we prefer as it’s fully automatic with the website and login system.
mir: coffs mom still wats to play
Brat: Can the Alt on a pay account play games ?
Cosmic Andy: People waiting to come in can register yes.
Cosmic Andy: ALT can play games yes.
mir: will memer limits or no????
Cosmic Andy: I’ll move on now but if you have more questions on this I can answer them at the end.
Cosmic Andy: NH Turfs next….
Cosmic Andy: NH has a LOT of turfs and a lot of turfs designs which won’t be in the new WorldsAway world.
Cosmic Andy: I’m looking for feedback from NH members waiting on turfs to find out what is more important to you so we can work out how to handle it.
Cosmic Andy: So we have a few options…
Cosmic Andy: 1) We restore just the items in the turf into a new turf in NH. You would need to do some re building work as we are basically dumping all the items into a new turf.
Cosmic Andy: 2) We restore the turf like for like fixtures and fittings.
Cosmic Andy: What we are trying to avoid is a mass dump of 2000+ turfs which is not only going to be a massive job to restore but it’s also a huge mess in the database.
maeb: question: What if, we only wanted just some of the items from the turfs?
Cosmic Andy: So please come down and give me your feedback on what is important to you if you have a NH turf you are waiting on.
Furio: what about our AW turfs?
Polly: plz ghost, you two<grin>
Polly: until Andy is ready
Rodeo bad chick: will we be allowed to go in and get our aw we have in NH
Polly: ok
LowRider: i like option 1 to just get the items and put in new turf
Cosmic Andy: If you only wanted some items in the turf then it’s very easy for you to rent a new turf and then we dump the items into it for you.
SylvesterCat: Mine is a AW storage like the one in DS, can We have that?
Polly: ok 5 down at a time
CrystallBall: so its the vzone page like out games and the forum…thats where we reg?
~VBB~: I like option 1
Cosmic Andy: It’s all types of turfs so no different on that
Liltxangel: I like option 1
Petallypoo: im good with just getting the items
Dizzy: Some of the places where my turfs are do not now exists . I am waiting on all turfs some AW ones
mir: i wat my aw so items is good
Laesea: i like option 1
Rodeo bad chick: getting the items will be great option 1
Furio: do we lose our AW turfs?
Dizzy: and one item in particular
Cosmic Andy: No you won’t. We can restore it one way or another.
Furio: if we go with Option 1
Darlindebe: Option #1
maeb: I choose the option that lets me collect just a few things from my old “life” and import them here.
Jaguar: i like option one
Dizzy: was in my poacet , sniff sniff
Cosmic Andy: But we are trying to work out if it’s the items in the turfs that is most important to you and if you would be happy to rebuild in a turf with the items loaded in it for you but without fixtures.
Bill The Galactic Hero: Looks like a vote for #1
SifuJJ: I vote option 1, since my stuff disappeared in 2010] Erebus: i have nh turfs
Lady Devra: Option #1 Please
Cosmic Andy: Of course no back rent and we can help you on starting rent while you get settled.
Pyewacket: option 1 is good
Furio: Option 1 is fine if we can also keep our AW turfs <shrug>
Furio: <bow>
VeganCodeMonkey: Option 1 🙂
Cosmic Andy: We would currently only be restoring from 2014 backups to start with.
Erebus: i have nh turfs i didnt get the options what are they again?
mir: scroll
mir: duh
Erebus: i cant
Cosmic Andy: Option 1) you rent a turf in NH. We dump all the items into it but without fixtures.
maeb: what if you left for a walkabout say around 2011? But have been a member since 1998?
Cosmic Andy: Option 2) We move it over like for like.
Petallypoo: oops question answered
Pyewacket: can we get items from our nH avatars?
Cosmic Andy: Older databases from 2014 may not have your stuff in and not something we can restore from for a while off.
Liltxangel: how long before we can get the items in the NH turfs back?
Cosmic Andy: NH Avatars tokens and in pocket stuff we can sort yes. Tokens easy. In pocket items bit slower as lot of manual work.
Cosmic Andy: Once we decide how it’s going to be done we will start the process ASAP.
Pyewacket: was more thinking of heads and clothing
Cosmic Andy: #teampolly
Polly: woot!
Polly: im ready<grin>
Dizzy: i would like my old self for the wolf which was given to me by my Love sho died recently
Bill The Galactic Hero: She’s all revved up and ready to go
CeCeBella: I and another who’s past on had a turf in BridgeView loaded with AW wearables and holdables.. can we also have those items replaced into nH urf ?
Erebus: sorry kept crashing didnt see the options
Jaguar: are u able to tell us if our turf is still here
Cosmic Andy: I’ll move onto the next topic now but can answer more on this at the end.
Liltxangel: do we get our AW back
Bill The Galactic Hero: Option 1) you rent a turf in NH. We dump all the items into it but without fixtures.
Bill The Galactic Hero: Option 2) We move it over like for like.
Cosmic Andy: Turf lists will be provided to everyone via email in a few weeks.
Cosmic Andy: Moving on now.
Cosmic Andy: MW Item Compensation… this is a quick one.
Cosmic Andy: We agreed a while back that we would look after MW people who paid for AW and then lost out. We have not forgot this and will in the coming months setup a system to replace items with similar for you.
Cosmic Andy: Any quick questions on this come down please
Laesea: what about the artist copies will you get that back as well
Erebus: you just need recepts correct?
Rainlily: i won this head (synnaminn) in a MW contest. any chance i could get that back? would like to have for my alt, ty
geddy lee: does that include tokens?
Laesea: al artist was gibving copies of their work
Dizzy: I do not have receipts for mine , so does that mean i will miss out
Dizzy: my puter crashed and was lost
Cosmic Andy: We would need invoices for purchases if you’ve not already sent yes.
Cosmic Andy: Tokens no sorry.
Erebus: ok got all mine
Cosmic Andy: Can only restore items that were purchased wth $ and you have invoices. Sorry.
Sioux Fire: Are you gonna honor annual memberships as well?
Rainlily: ok thanks
Glory: paypal probably has records
Dizzy: sokies np
Cosmic Andy: Memberships no sorry.
Cosmic Andy: Really wish we could but sadly we can’t.
Cosmic Andy: Moving on.
Cosmic Andy: Game Voucher Switch Over
Cosmic Andy: 1st of June we will be switching over to vouchers for prizes.
Cosmic Andy: We will also be working with hosts and setting up a new system to manage hosts. Hosts will also be supported more and rewarded more. Details will follow in the coming weeks.
Cosmic Andy: ALTs can collect vouchers.
Cosmic Andy: Any questions on this please come down.
Thali: I don’t host until the 1st, do I still have to send in my request for prize sets?
LowRider: omg… i am a host… weeeeeeeeee
Catolyte M. Melinda: So no prizes like now, just vouchers to turn in for prizes?
Cosmic Andy: Just vouchers correct.
Thali: no more lockers?
Cosmic Andy: You can save vouchers or claim they for prizes right away which ever you prefer.
Chime: still need to send in for boxes
Thali: ok ty <bow>
Cosmic Andy: Hosts won’t have lockers. Prizes delivered by mail.
Chime: you have to give out vouchers as prizes
Cosmic Andy: Vouchers*
Dia: officially, if alts can collect vouchers then alts are allowed to play at games with sponsored vouchers?
Snoopy: oh do we get to keep the items we have now?
Polly: so at the end of this month, plz all hosts lock the keys into their lockers.
geddy lee: getting kinda boring in events returning?
Cosmic Andy: ALTs can play games yes.
Dia: ok, ty <grin>
Cosmic Andy: I’ll come to that at the end.
tiny tabby: so sorry
Cosmic Andy: Sorry you feel it’s boring.
Cosmic Andy: Actually let me do that one now.
pepper pot: follow squirrel around
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: when is second kingdom coming back
pepper pot: get lost
pepper pot: won’t be bored<grin>
Cosmic Andy: During BETA the focus was on development.
Thali: collect nuts when following squirrel
Bill The Galactic Hero: The squirrel *is nuts
Cosmic Andy: After BETA the focus will be on development and making the place fun which includes more games, events and other things. More people will be working behind the scenes to bring you new and exciting things.
Bill The Galactic Hero: j/k pp
Cosmic Andy: We also hope that the FREE users will bring in lot’s of people from around the world who just want to come in and chat.
Cosmic Andy: So this will be a very new thing for VZones where someone can find us and within a few minutes register and be in world and talking to you all.
CrystallBall: can you gimme the addy we need to go reg our accts to pay accts?
Pyewacket: can we have quests again ducks and runs for cover
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: is second kingdom returning and when
Polly: omg pye,, you were the quests queen in nH<grin><react>
Dia: Sorry…… to clarify my question about alts…the main avie and the alt avie CAN play the same game together?
Cosmic Andy: So in reply to you thinking it’s getting boring we will spend a lot more time and money on giving you more things to do.
Cosmic Andy: Ok moving on…….
Cosmic Andy: Tokens
Cosmic Andy: The tricky one
Stella: will there be role play charaters?
Stella: oops
Cosmic Andy: Looking for feedback on this also.
Cosmic Andy: As i’ve discussed in the past during the past years the value of the token has got worse and worse.
Cosmic Andy: Million tokens being sold for as little as $15 from what I’ve seen.
L’AD: 35 but ok
Bill The Galactic Hero: Still doing the macarena in my head – thanks javabean!
Bill The Galactic Hero: lol
Britney: i wont Be hosting On june 1st cos ill Be going to a Dance at a church
Britney: on
Cosmic Andy: With a view of making the token hold some value and making it all fair we need to solve this problem.
Petallypoo: and if U make the value of the token more now, then those with millions of tokens will just raise the price
Cosmic Andy: We have a number of options but the main option we are thinking is reduce everyones tokens and change the value of items for sale.
Petallypoo: Yes <jump>
Catolyte M. Melinda: No. Id rather keep what we have.
Karianna: OMG NO! Many don’t have that much!
Cosmic Andy: If you’ve got under 10K then you don’t have a problem at all.
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: why cant we be given the choice of paying our rents for six month with over flow of tokens
Cosmic Andy: This is really only a problem for people who have millions
miracle: wipe all out start new
Furio: if the game sells tokens at a reasonable cost then no one would need to buy them from other avies <shrug>
Cosmic Andy: So we have a few option to help you burn tokens off such as buying rare items
Wobsi: I need 35 K every Month for all my Turfs
Catolyte M. Melinda: At 20 t an hour will make it hard to afford rent if you reduce too much
Dizzy: I dont have much . I had a few more with my old nh avi
Cosmic Andy: We will be selling tokens but to make sure we don’t destroy the value of the currency you won’t able to buy 1 million for $15.
Crash: is 100 k alot ?
Dizzy: 17237 and i was here almost at the beginnig of beta
Cosmic Andy: We won’t even sell a million tokens as it’s silly when items cost 50 to 500T.
Catolyte M. Melinda: Leave tokens alone ? And maybe place special vendos as incentive to spend
Cosmic Andy: Special items to buy with tokens we can do yes.
Cosmic Andy: Auction we can do.
pepper pot: tokens in paw CHARGE!!!!!!
Countess Mina: Then that isnt fair to those who dont have many tokens
Cosmic Andy: But we can’t let someone start out of BETA with 30 million tokens.
Topaz: tokens are selling at $35 per million
Dizzy: and I will not be working on the streets lol
Catolyte M. Melinda: That’s duped ts. But keep in mind spme have never left after 20 years. Spme are legit (Not 30 mil though!)
Ðarksider J: I will work the streets ladies<react>
Nem: what about those of us that have been here since day ONE and have tokens so old they are moldy. Why penalize for that?
Puckernutz: donators can put together packages with some t’s in them for new members
buggy: mebbe me too!
Cosmic Andy: We can work with members on a one to one basis also. So you don’t need to worry that we are just going to wipe all tokens we won’t. We will find a way to make sure you are happy.
Bill The Galactic Hero: Can’t keep DarkJ off the streets
Kamryn: exchange them for game vouchers, I’d do that<shrug>
Cosmic Andy: I’ll move on from this and in the coming week we will have some options to burn off tokens.
Cosmic Andy: People who have millions we will make direct contact with you to see what you would like to do.
Thali: I support the exchange for vouchers option
Cosmic Andy: two topics left so not long.
Cosmic Andy: Moving on…
Cosmic Andy: New features
Lady Devra: can we assum then – same will be done for nH tokens >
Cosmic Andy: NH yes.
Cosmic Andy: New….
Cosmic Andy: When we come out of BETA you’ll see a new option on avatars called View Profile
Cosmic Andy: When clicked this will take you to a profile page on the vzones website for that avatar.
Cosmic Andy: It’s basic to start with but it’s a mini home page that down the line you’ll be able to do lot’s of things to it.
Cosmic Andy: Starting for now it’s going to show your avatar picture, links you want to add and avatar age.
Bill The Galactic Hero: Shoe size and bank details
Bill The Galactic Hero: j/k
Cosmic Andy: Do not put your bank details on it lol
Ðarksider J: Can i use my Mug Shot picture?
Petite Sarah: Ushdnjd
Cosmic Andy: Next new feature…. VERY excited about this.
Cosmic Andy: Everyone bow to bill
Petite Sarah: Why
Petite Sarah: cant
Petite Sarah: i type
Cosmic Andy: XP aka experience points will be starting from when BETA ends.
Jippo: we get to go neked in here
Petite Sarah: i support
Petite Sarah: people keeping
Petite Sarah: their ts
Petite Sarah: even though
Petite Sarah: i have
Cosmic Andy: Clicking on someone will show the XP that avatar has.
Petite Sarah: very few
Bill The Galactic Hero: thanks for all the bows
Petite Sarah: not sure why
Bill The Galactic Hero: and the rude gestures
Petite Sarah: more than
Bill The Galactic Hero: lol
Cosmic Andy: So we will be bring levels and XP to each player.
Petite Sarah: a few words
Polly: Can you explain what XP is, Andy?<grin>
Catolyte M. Melinda: Lol what the heck. Sounds odd.
Bill The Galactic Hero: eXperience Points
Cosmic Andy: An example would be if you went into SK, completed a task and then you would earn x number of experience points.
Spookie: I just want banana’s <shrug>
Cosmic Andy: Which would be stored and displayed on your profile.
SylvesterCat: I just want to eat all the birds can i get XP for that?
Polly: like completing quests, etc?
Bill The Galactic Hero: You can call them bananna points if you like Spookie
Cosmic Andy: completing quests would earn you XP yes.
Polly: and what do we do with the earned points?
Spookie: I’m too lazy for quests <shrug>
Cosmic Andy: Higher XP would give allow you into other areas to earn more XP.
Karianna: what about playing or hosting games? XP?
Thali: does Bill get XP for vaccuuming and cleaning food out of mailboxes?
Dizzy: I love quests and mazes
Carly: we get bragging rights <shrug><shrug><grin> lmao
Cosmic Andy: Rewards/prizes will also be available at selected stages of XP.
Chime: dislikes mazes
Marianne G: So can we use these experience points to pay our rent or to increase our tokens?
Bill The Galactic Hero: Chime gets lost in mazes
Chime: I do <sigh>
Brittany of Narnia: whould We still have fuzzie hunts and dragon hunt and duck hunt
Cosmic Andy: So hit 1000XP you can enter brother echos hidden home in the hills and get a special BE fuzzie
Petallypoo: Poo gets lost in Magic Shop
Cosmic Andy: For example
Chime: lol
Dizzy: yes I normally find her lol
Bill The Galactic Hero: Yikes a BE fuzzie!
Cosmic Andy: XP cannot be used to pay rent.
Thali: New quest: Get Chime out of the maze
Bill The Galactic Hero: sounds rude
Chime: lol
Wobsi: Don’t forget ” General Data Protection Regulation” <react><react> not too many dates
Cosmic Andy: XP is just stored value on each player based on how many quests/goals/levels he has completed.
Cosmic Andy: bragging rights also
Cosmic Andy: Ok i’ll take any questions on this if anyone has any.
Petite Sarah: Is xp
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: what does it say rent free for the vip plan
Petite Sarah: a public
Petite Sarah: number?
Bill The Galactic Hero: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?
Rainlily: how do i send in mw receipts and where? do i cut and paste or forward them?
Cosmic Andy: XP is a public number yes. So you can click on someone and see how many XP they have gained.
Darlindebe: Never heard of Quests….
Veni: Do we all start at the same level of XP points, or do people who have been here longer start at a higher level?
Darlindebe: were they played in NH?
Cosmic Andy: Everyone will start on 0
Polly: quests were pyewackets specialty in nH<grin>
Karianna: If I was here from 1995 to 2000, will any XP be shown for that?
Karianna: and was also a Guide
Cosmic Andy: No sorry. XP starts from 1st June.
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: again i ask what it means rent free for vip plAN
Waderz: can you block the profile data and the xp stuff
Petallypoo: May I ask what the point in is this XP? Maybe cause Im a lazy avie and dont really like running around looking for stuff..
Rainlily: howdo i send in mw receipts and where? do i cut and paste them or forward them?
Petallypoo: Maybe a spa ?
Cosmic Andy: Profile data can be excluded from the website yes.
Cosmic Andy: Ok as the questions are random I’ll take all questions now.
SifuJJ: Can you tell me about the free monthly AW available for premium account holders? Will we get to choose what items we’d like for free? Trying to ask questions that can be answered with yes or no <grin>
Cosmic Andy: Rent free on VIP plan means you can get 1 turf in each location rent free.
VeganCodeMonkey: I lost my current password and if it wasn’t saved in my login console, I’d be screwed. When we switch to the paid accounts, will we need current password, or will we set a new one?
Polly: ok open forum here for more questions<grin>
Dia: What is “Standing Space”
Royal Warrior IrishPrincess: TY
Rainlily: how do i send in mw receipts and where? do i cvut and paste them or forward them?
Cosmic Andy: VZ AW means everytime we release new AW that is VZ owned you’ll get a chance to get a free copy.
Cosmic Andy: Send them to please. Note no fixed time on when we will start to restore. NH restoring comes first.
SifuJJ: option to decline as well…perhaps a voucher for something later?
Cosmic Andy: Standing space means you’ll always be able to unghost at big events.
Dia: Also….any info on the lovely homes in NH that are for sale??
Rainlily: forwarded or cut and pasted?
Cosmic Andy: Some NH homes will be available from 1st of June.
Cosmic Andy: forward please.
Rainlily: tyvm
Puckernutz: I would like to see inside the new homes
Karianna: but only with premium accounts
Dia: yes, a demo home to tour would be lovely
Rainlily: one more question will we keep receiving updates on the FB page?
Cosmic Andy: More details on the NH homes will follow in the coming week.
Dia: ty
Cosmic Andy: FB BETA group will keep open but official updates will be in the forum.
Rainlily: tyvm for everything. huggs
JohnJ: some don’t get the Forums. Use Beta page for information please.
Cosmic Andy: We will update official FB also.
VeganCodeMonkey: When we switch to the paid accounts, will we need current password, or will we set a new one? (I lost my current one.)
Furio: and some don’t do FB <shrug>
Polly: RBC, plz ask him<grin>
Cosmic Andy: From 1st of june new passwords will be issued yes.
L’AD: will you better answer ppls problems about not being able to get into the forums
VeganCodeMonkey: Yay, thank you!!
SifuJJ: Andy, while I completely don’t understand just exactly how much time and effort has gone into getting this place ready to exit beta…there’s been a substantial lag time from ticket numbers to ticket completion…any plans going forward on this?
Rodeo bad chick: ok if nh homes will be avail how do we get one will they be token based or rw money
Cosmic Andy: Forums are currently closed for new members while we develop this. Forum accounts will only be available to people who signup for one of the 3 packages. When you signup you’ll also get a forum account.
Cosmic Andy: NH homes token based.
Pete: I haven’t whined about this LOL. What about app turfs. Not bothered about the turf but would like the stuff in it if possible. I need to change my woolly knickers.
Keellyn: How long will people have to decide if they want to pay for a subscripton?? The standard 90 days then everything goes POOF??
Cosmic Andy: Post BETA email response times will be 24 hours.
Gracie: Will the NH homes available to buy be reasonable price especially for people that don’t have lots of T’s
SifuJJ: so should I re-send the email on 1 Jun?
Cosmic Andy: NH homes are premium items so they won’t be cheap like turfs at this stage.
Gracie: awww
Gracie: ty
Topaz: i had nothing restored for DS, is that what will happen again for NH?
Cosmic Andy: SifuJJ we replied in the forum. Please reply on that.
SifuJJ: ok, thank you….hadn’t checked since a coupe days ago
Rodeo bad chick: when we sign up on vip account do we keep the pw we currently have
Shads: I’m sorry if this has been asked before but for the premium accounts would there be a way to make 2 of the avies have all the extra features? even if it would cost $5 extra?
Cosmic Andy: We will keep everything for 90 days after that if you’ve not changed to a plan then we would remove it yes.
Shads: some of the rw couples share accounts<react>
Cosmic Andy: If you wanted to earn tokens on a 2nd avatar you would need to buy a 2nd account.
Shads: Ouch
Petallypoo: Are NH premium homes included with the yearly memebership?
Cosmic Andy: Or you could purchase tokens equal to the monthly total you would earn.
L’AD: so alts cant earn tokens??
Shads: Gonna hurt some pockets of members i feel with that
Cosmic Andy: NH homes are included with VIP accounts.
CeCeBella: I am confused… What is the difference from VIP Acct. and Premium Acct.’s ?
Petallypoo: TY <wave>
Shads: ty for ur answer
Furio: what will be the hourly rate for tokens?
L’AD: alts cant earn tokens??
Furio: geez
Cosmic Andy: While we wouldn’t delete data for 90 days if you’ve not subscribed to a plan or payment fails then the account is disabled the same day.
Furio: ty ESPers <bow>
Cosmic Andy: Turfs with over due rents get emailed automatically now to let you know it’s past due.
Puckernutz: are vip and premium the same thing pls?
Cosmic Andy: ALTs can’t earn tokens no.
Polly: Account information on my URL. You can click me to see it, too<grin>
Petallypoo: I think VIP is when U pay yearly
Polly: ty cou<grin>
Pete: ME ME ME I haven’t whined about this LOL. What about app turfs. Not bothered about the turf but would like the stuff in it if possible. I need to change my woolly knickers. PLEASE
Cosmic Andy: VIP/Premium would be the same but the package is called VIP.
Cosmic Andy: Any more questions?
Stella: Will we be able to have member themed events, please?
Rodeo bad chick: which nh homes will be included with the vip
CrystallBall: can you explain the hosts perks?
Cosmic Andy: Events will come once we get settled in after BETA.
miracle: will i need my nH avie to get them turfs or stuuf from turfs back
Stella: ok##
Stella: <grin><grin>
miracle: & can we have 2 preium??VTP accounts
Cosmic Andy: Hosts benefits will follow in the coming weeks but to start with they will get extra vouchers After that we are looking at options to discount subscription fees for hosts.
Cosmic Andy: You can have multiple VIP accounts. Not sure why you would want or need to as the main account comes with everything you need.
Polly: but ya gotta show up for your games<shrug>
Karianna: the extra vouchers can be used by hosts?
Cosmic Andy: Yes
Spookie: website says “Avatars: 4 Multi or 8 Single” what does it mean?
Polly: no hostie, no perks, no games, right esper?<grin>
Cosmic Andy: 4 multi logged in at once or 8 singles that can only log in 1 at a time.
Karianna: I would hope so
Spookie: thank you
Gracie: If you take a VIP account then you are automatically get a free turf?
Petallypoo: A Petallypoo for each of U… Im liking this <grin>
Shads: sorry if this has been asked already, lemme know so i can scroll text lol but can you explain artists and artist perks pls
Gracie: ty esp
Darlindebe: Sounds like alot to look forward to! <grin> TY
Cosmic Andy: VIP accounts get 1 free turf rental per location. This has to be manually configured by staff for you. Once done it’s done then.
Gracie: ty
miracle: ty
Pyewacket: are there plans for a native Mac client?
miracle: 4 all info
Cosmic Andy: Artist program not yet planned/released. Post BETA VZ owned art will start to come into world first.
miracle: its a bunch to take in but is appreciated<bow>
RFJohnston: When you email the list of turfs in the next few weeks would it be possible to have option 1 for some turfs and option 2 for others?
Cosmic Andy: Native mac no but we have made huge improvements to the web based version for free users. I really like this a lot and think a lot of people will. This will be available to regular members also.
Furio: like Option 2 for the AW turfs <react>
Waderz: backstep pls
Cosmic Andy: NH turfs not 100% decided on how it will be done. We will review after the meeting but i’d guess we will do both but #1 first.
Waderz: 2 avi account, only one gets the tokens for parking
Furio: ok ty <bow>
Cosmic Andy: That is right.
Darlindebe: You are going to Email turfs, is it turfs on the database that we can get into?
Waderz: what about premium account, only one earns tokens?
Waderz: thats bullshite
Cosmic Andy: To start with you’ll get emailed only. Coming months you’ll be able to view it via the website.
Waderz: what about premium
Waderz: 1 avi earns?
Cosmic Andy: VIP accounts get monthly bonus tokens but only the main account holder gets the VIP benefits and tokens yes.
Petallypoo: Monthly Bonus: 10,000 for VIPS
Cosmic Andy: VIP account holders have less need for tokens because they get more included.
Waderz: hearing a lot of BS in my esp andy, thats some booshite
Cosmic Andy: Not sure why?
Waderz: take it ot leave it i reckon
Cosmic Andy: Could you explain?
Carly: How much will you charge to buy tokens once we switch over please?Hope its affordable…<grin><shrug>
Waderz: why does just 1 aqvi earn when we have a dual account
Waderz: paid with real money for two avi
JohnJ: did U say 10K bonus monthly for Vip/Premium ?
Furio: and also seeing that it’s only 20 tokens an hour?
Thali: because you have a VIP bonus and a Monthly bonus
Waderz: dun make sense to me
Furio: 50 tokens per hour for one avie might be more acceptable <shrug>
Waderz: premium, 1 avi earns tokens, is that right
Cosmic Andy: Because it lowers the value of the token too much based on the subscription price.
Catolyte M. Melinda: 60t really was good, tough to manage below that.
Carly: i dont see how we will be able to pay our rents?
Cosmic Andy: You have to remember that the price of items will also change.
Furio: will have to buy tokens
Cosmic Andy: So rents will come down
Cosmic Andy: Vendo items will come down.
Puckernutz: should be more than 20 t’s an hour yes
Carly: how much will tokens cost to buy?
Waderz: token economy is going to be a problem
Cosmic Andy: Price of tokens will be confirmed before BETA ends.
Waderz: but, take it or leave it, eh?
Carly: yes i am very worried about the tokens sorry<shrug>
Carly: 1 avie at 20Tokens an hour cant pay rents
SifuJJ: Could always make the economy XP based <shrug> would solve the token problem…the more you play and complete tasks, the more you obtain <shrug>
Cosmic Andy: You don’t need to be.
Cosmic Andy: From the tokens you earn on the account you’ll be able to afford things to have fun.
Furio: yes but what if you don’t play games or do quests? you get penalised for that <shrug>
Waderz: im gonna have to go back to a corner and earn for deep chat
Waderz: to make a living to pay rents
Cosmic Andy: It’s just going to be hard for some people who like to walk around with 30 million in the pocket and got used to that.
Carly: but can we please pay our turfs way in advance now we still have some to afford that?
Waderz: i dont have 30 million
Furio: but those millions are gonna be washed away
Cosmic Andy: But moving forward having 30 million in your pocket is pointless if it costs 100T to buy something.
Waderz: ive been here 20 years and earned my share, now youre going to take that
Waderz: its not fair
Topaz: at least u got it back Waderz
Waderz: im a simple KAt
Spookie: he also could have deleted it all <shrug>
RFJohnston: … and this is a different owner
Waderz: but im not simple minded Andy
Cosmic Andy: Sadly the past owners ran it badly by making the value of the token worthless.
Cosmic Andy: Lets say you had 5 million and we let you keep it.
Cosmic Andy: What could you possibly do with 5 million?
Polly: Lets try to adjust to new and better changes. Let’s see how this works out<grin>
Spookie: buy a Ferrari<jump>
Karianna: Donate to jackpots generously
Polly: It’s been pretty great so far.
HeartBeat: Thank you Vzone Staff for the Exciting updates<jump> I look forward to it all<jump>
Furio: pay rent for the next 20 years <react>
JohnJ: would some turfs be like 150T month ?
Waderz: polly, would i have to rent a corner to work <shrug>
L’AD: WHAT about thosethat have one million or less
Waderz: to earn tokens
Camille: i would keep giving it to those who need it
Cosmic Andy: 5 million could pay the rent for lot longer than 20 years!
Camille: as I have been doing
Polly: The economy is going to change to better suit the token value. It will balance out better afterwards.
Cosmic Andy: But we will work one one one to make all members happy regarding the tokens.
L’AD: ok ty
Rodeo bad chick: ok do we need to give you the turf name to have our stuff dropped into
Petallypoo: cause my math is bad.,.. How much will a yearly VIP script cost ?
Polly: You all have to trust that this will work out. Andy has done fantastic so far. <grin>
RFJohnston: how are you going to combine avies when nH officially opens? I have AW bodes etc on each avie… worlds are not ready for 2 RFs? <G>
Cosmic Andy: Yearly VIP $349.99
Cosmic Andy: NH avatars will need to manually move items over.
Cosmic Andy: So you can only have 1 RF name but we can move anything over it has from NH
Spookie: what about the members that do not have paypal?
Waderz: day one, you only take paypal, but two weeks later you take credit cards, correct?
Cosmic Andy: Card payments will follow yes.
L’AD: what is a shop discount card???
Yo-Yo: good question
Waderz: and all of this will be documented, yes?
Cosmic Andy: Discount card will something you can use in official shops that we have agreed with where you can save on anything you buy.
Rodeo bad chick: ESP to Liltxangel: Im confused do we have access to our stuff in nh turfs to move or does staff pack it
Waderz: you call around the block movers
L’AD: ok ty
Cosmic Andy: For example in the paint shops you’ll get 50% off the prices.
Cosmic Andy: We will support the shop owner for the other 50%.
Polly: we wil move it
Karianna: does that mean the girls will only work half the time?
Rodeo bad chick: kk ty
Cosmic Andy: Staff need to move NH turfs over yes.
Dia: when will the rest of the stores open (nuyu, vmart, furnishings…etc?)
Dia: <grin>
Thali: how do paint shop owners see who is std and who is vip?
Chime: workin on it Dia
Dia: ty <grin><grin>
Dia: a girl’s gotta shop
Cosmic Andy: More will open slowly as times goes on. We will keep adding to stores and buildings as quick as we can.
Chime: yes I know
Chime: lol
Tuli: if we download non beta software, how are we going to get our password?
Catolyte M. Melinda: I unfortunately have to log out. Will there be a summary of everything?
Furio: turf rents in the Village go up to over 2000 a month .. will those drop?
Cosmic Andy: VIP holders will have a card they can use in shops.
Cosmic Andy: Turf rents will change yes.
Furio: ok ty
Cosmic Andy: The old staff turfs on 5K will also come down a lot to normal rents.
L’AD: what if we make our own paint and dont use a shop
Cosmic Andy: No discount on that currently sorry.
L’AD: do we still save 50%
L’AD: oh ok
Pyewacket: can we start with month to month then switch later to annual pament?
Cosmic Andy: Yes you can.
Thali: I don’t see the use of paint shops, vips could get discount at vendo
Furio: those of us who do our own paint codes can use the paint shops <shrug>
SylvesterCat: when will the annual start?
Thali: and I say that as an owner
Furio: we need the paint shops ty <bow>
Thali: it’s a lot of hassle to make paint when you can get it in one second from Paula/shirley
Tuli: yes i make my own paints too sorry
Nightowl: Huggss all<grin><wave><grin>
Cosmic Andy: annual will start from the day you signup.
PetMePlease: They said paint shop owners will be compensated and they can compenstate us
Cosmic Andy: That’s right. Paint shop owners will still get the same amount.
Darlindebe: I had Guide Turfs that were mine when I left……will those possibly come back?
Furio: ok I think I got confused lol .. I meant we need the paint vendo places <react>
Thali: I’ll let the more eloquent discuss about this but I really think paint shops are useless
Rodeo bad chick: when we sign up for vip when do we get the bonus ts and other perks
Crash: Ty for everything <bow> I look forward to the future <grin>
Magie: ditto
Thali: for the rest ty for all the work and explanations <bow>
Magie: looking forward to all the new
Cosmic Andy: Paint shops need more work from VZ to make them better…this will come in time.
RFJohnston: I got here a few mins late… are there turfs that WONT be allowed back?
Spookie: oke sooo, we have to wait for credit card… where will I be in those weeks? I do not have paypal
Furio: ty for all the hard work and info today <bow>
PetMePlease: TY for everything and I hope all works out.. Im looking Postive into the future… Now Low has Bump in HG .. Lets get our Avi Butts there <wave><bow>
Cosmic Andy: VIP accounts some benefits automatic others delivered on the day it’s enabled.
Cosmic Andy: You can checkout and use a card via PayPal without setting up a PayPal account.
Cosmic Andy: But it won’t setup a subscription. Just a one off.
Thali: I’ll pay yours
Rodeo bad chick: ty for everything staff has done. Looking forward to the future
Spookie: ugh
CeCeBella: Thank you Andy… Polly and Chime.. and um Bill for EVERYTHING you have worked hard on and is still working hard on and I am excited about the Premium, Acct.
Spookie: I will have to look into that
Cosmic Andy: Thank you all for the support and I promise you all that VZ will get better every month.
Spookie: thank you
Tuli: Andy happy you took over and plan to do right by all of us
buggy: ty all!
Cosmic Andy: I would hope that it’s got better and better every month already during BETA.
Polly: it has<grin>
Karianna: Thank you all for all that you have brought and are bringing to us!! <bow>
Waderz: thanks <bow> we appreciate the update
Cosmic Andy: Welcome
Dia: Thank you for all of your hard work <jump>
Yo-Yo: bump with Lowrider now
pepper pot: Thank you all<grin><wave>
Polly: thanks for coming everyone<grin>
JavaBean: Thank you all, looking forward as we go <jump>
RFJohnston: are there nH turfs that you will NOT allow back ever?
Whimsical: Thank you all for what you have given back to us…very appreciative
JohnJ: ty !
Polly: dont worry RF, i’ll get your cloud stuff here<react>
JohnJ: Y
Chime: Thank you everyone
Cosmic Andy: NH turfs. I can’t see any reason why we would not allow it back.
SifuJJ: time for a group photo
SifuJJ: ???
Chime: brb
Bill The Galactic Hero: Gone to powder her nose
Cosmic Andy: Any last questions before I head off?
Tuli: one more
Tuli: so any aw turf we have at this moment is still a rent paid one now?
RFJohnston: will the museum be restored?
Tuli: i bought an aw turf off someone here and currently paying rent like a regular turf on it
Cosmic Andy: All turfs are rent paid by tokens.
Tuli: just wondering is all
Tuli: so then what is the differene between and aw and a rental one?
Cosmic Andy: Museum needs some re building but will come back in the future.
Polly: Jaguar did a heck of a job keeping that up in nh
Polly: he really did<grin>
Tuli: guess i got excited to finally have an aw one and then found out after that i had to pay on it
Tuli: just wondering is all…
Thali: I have a more specific question, now that it calmed down
Cosmic Andy: AW turfs are paid on rents. At this stage we are not selling AW turfs like they were in the past. We are only selling NH homes for tokens. The focus for the future is more on getting stuff for you to build great turfs than selling you designed AW turfs.
Tuli: ok so that member got me lol
Tuli: are you guys going to make a body changer so we don’t bother staff?
Spookie: huggs grumpy Rabz
Spookie: <react>
Rabbit: <frown>
Rabbit: huggs Spookiekins
Thali: I use 1 BETA account and 1 account that my bestie Spookie got in error … can I combine both in one strd or vip?
Cosmic Andy: That will come if it’s needed yes.
Thali: lol Dia
Spookie: I did not get it in error <g>
Thali: they are my bodyguards
Tuli: it is needed
Spookie: I demanded it
Tuli: lol
Cosmic Andy: We can merge two yes.
Spookie: ugh
Tuli: ty again for your time and patience
Thali: you demanded your account
Thali: they messed up
Spookie: i’m not always sweet
Rabbit: When Spookie demands… people listen..
Spookie: yanno
Thali: cool thanks
Thali: gimme your info
Thali: pronto
Spookie: you have it
Thali: lol
Liltxangel: body changers is a must hehe
Thali: look
Thali: <react><react><react><react><react>
Cosmic Andy: Anything else before I move on?
Spookie: yes, where you going?
Rabbit: free beer at bar L?
Thali: we are not done yet?
Thali: ghosting then
Cosmic Andy: Need to see BE
Spookie: haha<react>
Cosmic Andy: Unless you have any more questions for me
Rabbit: <shrug>
Spookie: none, but thank you
Dia: tell him to clean up before we earn enough XP to invade his home
Thali: I’m ok
Thali: I think
Cosmic Andy: I’ll tell him lol
Thali: how’s Buddy, Dia?
Spookie: I don’t like BE’s head
Dia: hanging in there
Spookie: it looks like a… nevermind
Dia: but doing good
Thali: <g>
Cosmic Andy: Thank you all <bow>
Rabbit: oh my!
Spookie: I loved the old head with the beard
Thali: aww tell him he needs to get better fast <jump>
Rabbit: that was his new head
Dia: I will <jump><jump>
Thali: so much space items waiting for him
Rabbit: the one now is original BE head
Spookie: awful
Dia: lol
Spookie: you give that head back will ya <react>
Thali: BUMP at HG1, good odds
Dia: heading to bump
Cosmic Andy: Bye all <wave>

Town Meeting May 2018

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