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20 votes!

4 years agodeclined2

“Vote for the best ideas and votes over 40 will be priority. Help us build VZones to the worlds you want.”

Well… help US help YOU!
Bring the vote total back to 20. You don’t even have enough people voting to ever hit 40.
20 was enough to make it a popular vote. *shrugs*

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  1. We changed it to 40 so votes could count up over a longer period which gives us time to implement an idea. When it gets to 40 we take the idea from the ideas site and put it into our internal systems to discuss and implement and some ideas can be weeks or months of work so we don’t want to be in a position where everything gets to 20 and we are stuck spending months implementing a single idea. Over a longer period to get the votes we can see it go up and down.

    We do review all ideas regardless of the vote count. The vote count just helps us prioritize when it should be done.

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