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Prize Market Changes March 2019

The Prize Market has been updated as described in the March 2019 Update. You will find much lower prices so your vouchers will go further. The items in the first 3 rooms will rotate monthly.

The first room is now called  PM Classic Vendo / Prize Art. You will find items in here that were used as vendo items or prizes in the past. The monthly Gremlin and Fuzzie have moved here as well. Here is what you will find this month.

The second room is now called PM Classic AW And New Art. In here are classic AW items not currently in VARiATiONS or Turf Furnishings Megastore. It may also contain new art when available. Here is what in this room this month.

The third room is now called PM Shop Specials. It will contain selected items from VARiATiONS and Turf Furnishings Megastore. Here is what you will find in this room for March.

The final room is used for event prizes as usual. This room rotates as needed.

Prize Market Changes March 2019

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