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You might want to change your name because you misspelled it or because you wanted something new. Well, no worries. You can always change your name but it cost Tokens.

The first Name Change is free and it will start to cost you on your 2nd name change and so forth. The cost of Name Change doubles each time you change your name. see table below:

1st = FREE

2nd = (FREE + 20) = 20 tokens

3rd = ( 20 +20) = 40 tokens

4th = ( 40 + 40) = 80 tokens

5th = (80 + 80 ) = 160 tokens

6th = (160 + 160) = 320 tokens

and so on.....

So make sure to track on how many times you changed your name to be aware on how much would it cost on your next name change.


Step 1. Go to locale: Outside TempleĀ of Morpheus. Make sure to double check the image below as there are three similar doors outside the Temple of Morpheus. Click on the door then click "pass through".



Step 2. Now, you are in Temple Registry. This is where you can change your name. To do that, click on the "Book of Names" then a pop-up menu will appear and select "Register New Name".



Step 3. Type in the name you want in the text box and hit "Change Name". Check information on the upper left side of your screen to see if your name was successfully changed, it should look like this example. If someone owns the name just redo the steps.


Video Tutorial:

You can pause and play as you follow the video guide.

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