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All Types of Bodies can be bought in NuYu on Orchid Street. Follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1. Go to NuYu Entrance on Orchid Street. Left click the NuYu door then select “Pass through” to go in.


Step 2. You are now in the 1st floor of NuYu. This is where you can buy bodies. Click anywhere to see a dialog box for directions then click on "Go that way" to go to Female Bodies and click on "Go this way" to go to Male Bodies.

Step 3. There are lots of bodies you can buy here, what you see on the image below is just one of Bodies Section. You can go further right or left direction to check for more.

To buy a body simply click on the bodies to know its name. Next click on the Body changer machine then hit "Buy this body" and select the name of the body that you wanted to buy.

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