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Status allows you to know information that you need. Such as:

  1. Who's in here? - displays the Avatars who are in the area to where you at.
  2.  Where is everyone? - It will tell the most populated locations of the other Avatars in all areas.
  3. Where am I? - It will display the Locale that you are in
  4. What time is it? - It will show the server date and time of VZones.
  5. Total online time? - it will show the total time that you were online in VZones. Also the date since you have started or reset.
  6. Reset online time? - This will clear the time since you've started VZones.
  7. Tokens in hand and pocket? - it displays the total tokens you have in pocket and in your hand if you are holding tokens, except the tokens you have in the ATM and tokens you left in your Turf.
  8. How many Vouchers? - This will show the total Vouchers you collected from games.
  9. How many AW gold coins? - This will display AW gold coins you have.
  10. Turn ESP off -  this blocks the ESP or private messaging of the other Avatars and friends.
  11. Turn ESP on - allows you to receive ESP again after you blocked the ESP. It only appears in the Status menu if your ESP is off.
  12. Turn ESP Mail off - this blocks ESP Mail. This will disallow other Avatars to send you mail.
  13. Turn Profanity Filter off - blocks profane words
  14. Disallow new followers - New Avatar followers can not follow you.
  15. Save Turf List - save list of turfs on your computer
  16. Load Turf list - Loads your saved turf list from your computer to VZones
  17. Save ignore list - this will save the list you ignored on your computer.
  18. Load ignore list- Loads the ignore list from your computer to VZones.
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